CAPF-AC : Physical Standards/Physical Efficiency Tests (PET) and Medical Standards Tests

(Physical Efficiency Tests (PET) and Medical Standards Tests) Central Armed Police Forces CAPF (AC) Exam

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Physical Standards/Physical Efficiency Tests and Medical Standards Tests :

Candidates who are declared qualified in the written examination will be summoned for Physical Standards/Physical Efficiency Tests and Medical Standards Tests. Those candidates who meet the prescribed Physical Standards as specified in Appendix-VI, will be put through the Physical Efficiency Tests as indicated below :

Physical Efficiency Tests (PET) :

The minimum requirements for the candidate are as follows:

                               Men        Women

  • Height        165 cm        157 cm
  • Chest         81 cm        (Not applicable)

(unexpanded) (with 5 cm minimum expansion)

  • Weight        50 kg.        46 kg. 

                Males                Females
(a) 100 Meters race        In 16 seconds            In 18 seconds
(b) 800 Meters race        In 3 minutes 45 seconds        In 4 minutes 45 seconds
(c) Long Jup                   3.5 Meters (3 chances)        3.0 meters (3 chances)
(d) Shot Put                    (7.26 Kgs.) 4.5 Meters        — 

A woman candidate, who as a result of a test is found to be pregnant of 12 weeks standing or over, shall be declared temporarily unfit and her appointment is held in abeyance until the confinement is over. The vacancy against which a woman candidate was selected should be kept reserved for her. She should be re-examined for Physical Efficiency Test six weeks after the date of confinement, subject to the production of the medical certificate of fitness from a registered medical practitioner. If she is found fit, she may be appointed to the post kept reserved for and allowed the benefit of seniority in accordance with the instructions of the Government, as amended from time to time.

Medical Standards Tests :

Eye Sight : 


Better eye (corrected vision)

Worse eye (corrected vision)

Distant vision

6/6                                                                                   6/12


6/9                                                                                     6/9

Near Vision

N6                                                         N9

(corrected)                                           (corrected)

With Glasses/LASIK Surgery*

Limits of  Refractive errors permitted

-4.00 D (including cylinder) Myopia

+4.00 D (including cylinder) Hypermetropia

Colour Perception-III (CP-III) by ISIHARA plates.


* LASIK surgery correction is permitted subject to prescribed criteria as below :-
a) Age - 18-35 years
b) Axial-length - 21-26 mm.
c) Corneal-thickness 425 micron
d) Pre LASIK error - 6 D
e) Post operative - Should be stable  period refractive flap
f) Interval - 06 months (post operative period mandatory
 (Candidate must have completed 06 months after LASIK surgery while considering for recruitment in CAPFs).

(b) Carrying angle: Carrying angle should not be more than 15˚ for male and 20˚ for female.

(c) Ear:
i) Candidate should not have any degree of deafness or persistent ear discharge.
ii) Candidate should not have any other condition (congenital or acquired) like atresia of the meatus, exostosis, neoplasm which is causing obstruction of ear passage and should not have history of recurrent earache, tinnitus and vertigo.

(d) Nose: Candidates should not have DNS, atrophic rhinitis, tubercular ulceration, chronic sinusitis.

(e) Neck: Candidate should not have enlarged lymph nodes, thyroid or other swelling of neck,inability to extend the neck fully or any evidence of disease of spine or cervical vertebrae.

(f) Teeth: Candidate must possess sufficient number of sound teeth for efficient mastication.Candidate should not have severe pyorrhea.

(g) Venereal Disease: Candidate should not have active signs of clinical VD.

(h) Chronic skin diseases: Candidate should not have chronic skin diseases like Leprosy,chronic dermatitis, extensive Pityriasis Versicolor, psoriasis, SLE etc.


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