Postings of an IAS Officers : (Indian Revenue Service (IRS)

Postings of an IAS Officers : Indian Revenue Service (IRS)

Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
The IAS Officers handle affairs of the government. At the central level, this involves the framing and implementation of policy. They also represent the government in other countries and in International forums. They are even authorised to sign agreements on behalf of the government. At the district level, it is concerned with district affairs, including development functions. At the divisional level, the IAS officers look after law and order, general administration and development work. In IAS cadre you can be sub-magistrate, district magistrate, joint secretary, deputy secretary etc.

Indian Revenue Service (IRS):-

Indian Revenue Service (IRS)
IRS is responsible for fixing, assessment and collection of income tax. The service also has specialized branches dealing with the investigation of tax evasion, statistics and so on. 

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