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Indus Valley Civilization (Indian History)

Indian history forms an
important part of the General Awareness paper of Civil Services (Prelims) Examination. Based on analysis of types of questions asked in previous years, we have compiled this feature to help you to be better prepared for the examination, as also to make your preparation easier. This will be a regular feature in the magazine and in coming months we will also provide you with similar notes on Indian Constitution and other topics. 

The Harappa Culture/Indus Valley Civilization

1. The Civilization was named “Indus Valley Civilization” by Sir John Marshal (1924), after its discovery by Daya Ram Sahni and Vatsa in 1921-’22. However, Indus Valley Civilization is not limited to areas around Harappa or those lying in the Indus valley alone.

2. The maximum number of sites were explored by S.R. Rao, in Gujarat (190 sites). At present there are over 350 sites which have been excavated.

3. Modern technique of carbon-14 dating has been employed to calculate the date of the Indus Valley Civilization. Harappan seals, which have been obtained from Mesopotamia provide additional help.

4. The population was heterogeneous, and at Mohenjodaro four races have been discovered. The people were not of Dravidian origin. The population was mostly belonged to the mediterranean race.

5. Indus Valley Civilization people had contacts with West Asia and Central Asia. Their contacts are proved by the discovery of terracota figures of the mother goddess, bull seals, etc in West and Central Asia. Their weights and measures resemble those of Babylon. Their drainage system resembles that at Tell Asmar.

6. The largest Indus Valley Civilization site is Mohenjodaro. The smallest site is Allahdino. The largest sites in India are Dholavira, Rakhigarhi. The three nucleus sites are Mohenjodaro, Harappa, Dholavira. The number of sites which are considered as cities are six.

7. Mohenjodaro is located on the banks of Indus river. Chanhudaro is located on Indus/Sutlej; Harappa on Ravi; Kalibangan on Ghaggar/Saraswati; Lothal on Bhogavo; and Ropar on Sutlej.

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