(Notes) Civil Services (Prelims) Examination : Indian History (Indus Valley Civilization) - Quick Revision Notes (II)

Civil Services (Prelims) Examination Special
Quick Revision Notes


Indus Valley Civilization (Indian History)

8. Sites Year of Discovery And Discoverer




  (a) Harappa


  D.R. Sahni and M.S. Vatsa, (under Sir John Marshal)

  (b) Mohenjodaro


  R.D. Banerjee

  (c) Chanhudaro


  Earnest Mackey/Majumdar

  (d) Kalibangan


  A.N. Ghosh

  (f) Lothal


  M.S. Vatsa/S.R. Rao

  (g) Suktagender


  George Dales

  (h) Surkatoda


  J.P. Joshi

  (i) Banawali


  R.S. Bisht

  (j) Dholavira



  (k) Ropar


  Talwar and Bisht


9. The same type of layout, with a separate acropolis and lower city is found at Mohenjodaro, Harappa and Kalibangan.

10. The citadel and the lower city are joined at Surkatoda and Banawali.

11. The citadel was normally smaller than the lower city and lay to its West side.

12. Three divisions of town were discovered at Dholavira.

13. The town which shows marked differences in its town planning and drainage system from other Indus Valley Civilization sites is Banawali.

14. The town which resembles European castles (due to stone masonry) is Dholavira.

15. The Indus ValleyCivilization site where houses are built just next to the wall is Desalpur.

16. Stone rubble has been used at Kalibangan.

17. The site of Mohenjodaro was constructed at least seven times.

18. The towns which resemble castles of merchants are Desalpur, Rojdi,Balukot.

19. The coastal towns are: Lothal, Surkatoda, Balakot, Allahdino and Rangpur.

20. The shape of citadel at Lothal is trapezium.

21. The houses were constructed on the pattern of gridiron (chess).

22. Fire altars have been discovered at Kalibangan.

23. Stupa, great bath, college, Hammam, granary and assembly hall belong to Mohenjodaro.

24. The cemetery R37, containing 57 burials, is located at Harappa.

25. Lothal is famous for warehouse, granary, merchant’s house, besides its warehouse.

 26. The only site where guard rooms were provided at gates is Dholavira.

27. A ceramic bath tub was discovered at Balakot.

28. The major seal producing units were at Chanhudaro.

29. A huge palace-like building has been found at  Banawali.

30. Bead-maker’s shop and equipments were found at Chanhudaro and Lothal.

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