(Paper) Model Test Paper General Studies Part - 1

Paper : Model Test Paper General Studies Part - 2

51)An alloy is called amalgam if one of the metal used is
a) Iron b Chromium c) Nickel d) Mercury

52) Full convertibility of Rupee is not available in a) Trade account b) Invisible Account
c) Capital Account d) NRI Remittance

53) Find the wrong about Supreme Court
a) Inter State Water Dispute is not covered by its original jurisdiction.
b) It is not bound to give advisory opinion under Art 143 except of treaty/ agreement entered prior to 26-1-1950
c) Its opinion is not binding on President
d) Its opinion is not binding on High Courts

54) What are true?
1) Shivaji belonged to Bhonsalae dynasty
2) He concluded Treaty of Purandhar in 1665 directly with aurangazeb.
3) Shahu defeated Tarabai with the help of Balaji Vishwanath
4)Maratha power reached its zenith duringBalaji Bajirao.
a) 1,2,3 b) 1,3,4 c) 1,2,4 d) 1,2,3,4

55) I) Hindusthan Shipyard Vizag is the oldest shipyard set up in 1941 but Cochin shipward 1972 has capacity to build and repair ships of higher sizes.
II) So far 13 private sector projects have been operationalised in Port Sector.
a)I True b)II True c)Both True d)Both Wrong

56) I South West Monsoon (Summer Monsoon) flows from land to Sea and North east monsoon (Winter Monsoon) flows from sea to land.
II) Southwest monsoon brings most of the rainfall to country.
a)I True b)II True c)Both True d)Both Wrong

57) Large Fresh Water Lake Kolleru is in
a) Orissa b) Maharashtra c) Uttaranchal
d) Andhra Pradesh

58) Which country has highest number of World Heritage Sites recognized by UNESCO? A)Spain b) Egypt
c) Italy d) Netherlands

59) What are true about Jnanapeith Award?
1) It is highest literary award of country Instituted in 1965.
2) It carries cash prize of Rs 5 lakhs apart from citation etc,.
3) Kannada writers have got more awards since the inception.
a) 1,2 b) 1,3 c) 2,3 d) 1,2,3

60) 400th Year of Grant Sahib was celebrated .which sikh Guru copile Adhi Granth and put it there.
a-Guru Ramadoss
b) Gury Arjun Dev
c)Guru Gobind
d)Gury Teg Bahadur

61) Which is not discretionary power of Governor? a) Reserving Bill for President's assent. b) Appointment of CM when no one enjoys confidence c) Function as Chancellor of University d) Power of Pardon

62) Which is not associated with Akbar/
a) Zapti system
b) Manasabdari system
c) Subahs heased by Sipah Salar
d) Mahalwari system

63) Among following which State is smaller in area?
a) Arunachal Pradesh b) Jharkand c) Assam

64) The reagent commonly used to determine hardness of water titrimetrically is
a) Oxalic Acid b) Disodium Salt of EDTA
c) Sodium citrate d) Sodium thiousulphate

65) Which is not charged expenditure from Consolidated Fund of the State?
a) Expenses of Governor
b) Expenses of State PSC
c) Pension of High Court Judge
d) None of the above

66) I) Series is circuit is one in which the current passes through the different resistances one after other and then returns to main circuit.
II) Parallel circuit is one in which all the lamps or electrical applications are supplied by separate resistances from the same circuit side by side.
a)I True b)II True c)Both True d)Both Wrong

67) Four different candles, which can last for 6 hours, 5 hous,4 hours, 3 hours of burning respectively are lit in a room at the same time and allowed to burn till such time the three candles in the room extinguished. The cost of burning each one of those candles is Rs 2.25. The cost involved is
a) 38.25 b) 40.25 c) 17 d) 34

68) Out of the three annual examinations, each with a total of 500 marks, a student secured average marks of 40% and 50% in the first and second annual examinations. To have an overall average of 60% marks how many marks does the student need to secure in the third annual examination?
a) 400 b) 425 c) 450 d) 480

69) Which was Union territory from 1956?
a) Ponidichery b) Diu Daman c)Chandigarh
d) None of the above

70) Which is not a Minority Community in India?
a)Muslims b) Sikhs c)Jains d) Parsis

71) N.M.Joshi formed AITUC in 1920 but left it in 1929 as it leaned towards soviet Union and formed. 
a)INTUC b) Indian Trade Union Federation c) CITU d) did not form anyUnion

72) Indonesian Islands are not bordered /surrounded by
a) Indian Ocean b) South China sea c) Banda Sea d) Celebes Sea.

73)Find wrong pair Tribe---- State
a)Santhal Jharkand
b)Irula Kerala
c) Muriya Chatisgarh
d) Kuki Meghalaya

74) Find wrong pair
a) Bhakra nangal-sutlej
b) Hirakud-mahanadi
c) Thungabadra- Tributary of Krishna
d)None of the above

75) Dharwar system of peninsulat contains 90% of ----- in India's total reserve.
a) tungsten b) iron c) Mica d) Manganes

76) Israel's Parliament is known as
a) Majilis b) National assembly
c) Kneest d) Jatiya Sangsad

77) If a textile Mill has to be started in Kerala what will be lacking?
a) Electricity b) Market
c) Labour d) Raw materials

78) Nuclear fusion is possible
a) Only between light nuclei b) Only between heavy nuclei c) Between both heavy and light nuclei d) Between nuclei that are stable.

79) I) Uttar Pradesh has got the highest SC population and Punjab has highest percentage of SC population.
II) Mizoram has got highest ST population and Madhya Pradesh has got highest ST percentage of population in India.
a)I True b)II True c)Both True d)Both Wrong

80) What was theme of Human DevelopmentReport 2004 released by UNDP at Belgium?
a) Cultural Liberty in today's Diverse world
b) Rice is Life

81) After Partition of Bengal CHittogong, Dacca and Mymensingh were merged with Assam and called a new Province. Its capital was
a) Dacca b) chittakong c) Gauhati d) Tezpur

82) I) Number of members in UPSC can be increased by Parliament.
II) Powers of UPSC can be extended by President
a)I True b)II True c)Both True d)Both Wrong

83) Space Application Centre is at
a) Bangalore b) Trivandrum
c) Ahemedabad d) Sriharikotta.

84) Oscar award for actor was given to Jammie Fox for acting in Film
a) Ray b) Million dollar baby
c)Aviator d)The sea inside

85) I) Tenth Schedule was added through 52nd amendment
II) Major changes to Tenth Schedule are introduced through 91st amendment.
a) I True b) II True c) Both True d) Both Wrong

86) Which are rightly matched?
1) Education- Human resorcesDevelopment
2) CBI- Personnel
3)Panchayat Raj- Rural Development
a) 1,2 b) 2,3 c) 1,3 d) 1,2,3

87) Find wrong pair
a) Budget Deficit- Both Revenue and Capital
Deficits together
b)Fiscal Deficits-Borrowings
c) PrimaryDeficit-Fiscal Deficit Minus Interest Payments. d) None of the above.

88) What is correct about Treaty of Purandhar
1) It was entered in 1665A.D.
2) After the treaty Shivaji was coranated
3) By this treaty Sivaji accepted Mugul supremacy.
a) 1,2 b) 1,3 c) 1only d) 2,3

89) Severe Acute Respiratory syndrome (SARS )is
a) Caused by a variant of Pneumococus Pnemoniae
b) Caused by variant of Common cold virus
c) Acute form of asthma
d) Affects non vegetarian much faster than vegetarian

90) What is wrong about Olympics 2004?
a) Athens Olympics was 28th and next is scheduled at Bejing
b) Its Mascot was Phevos and Athena
c) USA topped medal table followed by China, Russia and Australia.India ended at 67th.
d) The first Gold Medalist of Athens Olympics was Du Li a woman athelet.

91 )I)Lahore Pact 1916 was signed in the session which was attended both byINC and Muslim League.
II) Anni Besant was the President of the Lahore Session which arrived at the Pact.
a)I True b)II True c)Both True d)Both Wrong

92)In a company 60% of the employees are men. Of these 60% are drawing more than Rs 1 Lakh per year. If 40% of total employment the company are more than Rs One Lakh per year, what is the percentage , among women who are drawing less than1 Lakh.
a)10% b) 20% c) 80% d 90%

93) Find wrong pair
a) IMF-Trade Deficit b) IBRD-World bank
c) IDA- Soft Loan Window d)MIGA- WTO

94) Armed Forces Special Powers Act was enacted in the year
a) 1957 b) 1958 c) 1967 d) 1968

95) Which is not use of Bleaching powder?
a) Bleaching cotton, linen etc,.
b) Drying agent in the laboratory
c) Oxidising agent in many chemical Industries
d) Disinfecting drinking water to make water free from germs.

96) Which is wrong about white Blood corpuscles?
a) They are lesser in number than RBC
b) They protect body from infection and destroy foreign body.
c) They manufacture antigens.
d) None of the above.

97) British Govt rejected demand of Muslims over Khilafat Incident and partitioned Turkey, imprisoned Sultan and sent him to Constantinoble after signing Treaty of ----
a) Constantinople b) Tibers c)Venus d) Paris

98) Who was the only woman (Chief) Election Commissioner of India?(She was also a goveernot after the tenure in ECI)
a) Vijayalakshmi Pandit b) Ambika sone
c) Ramadevi d) Mohini Giri

99) Find wrong mangrove
a) Point Colimere- Tamilnadu b)Coondapur-Karnatakaq c) Ratnagiri-Maharashtra
d) Vembanand- Andhra Pradesh

100)Find wrong pair
a) FAO- Rome b) WTO-Geneva
c) International Court of Crimes-Paris
d)International Court of Justice- hague