(Paper) Model Test Paper General Studies Part - 1

Paper : Model Test Paper General Studies Part - 3

101) Which is not feature of Electricity Act 2003?
a) Delicensing of captive generation of electricity except hydro projects which require clearance
b) Mandatory setting up of State Electricity regulatory Commission
c) Mandatory metering of all electricity supplied.
d) License free generation and distribution in Urban Areas.

102)What Are true about BIMSTEC?
1)It was formed in 1997 and original members were Bangladesh, India, Myanmar,Sri Lanka and Thailand.
2) 2004 Meet was held at Bangkok.
3) Nepal and Butan were admitttedin the meeting held in 2004.
4)Its next meeting in 2006 will be held at Dacca.
a) 1,2,3 b) 1,3,4 c) 1,2,4 d) 1,2,3,4

103) In old age, arteries carrying blood in the human body become narrow resulting in an increase in the blood pressure. This follows from
a) Pascal's law b) Bernouli's Principle
C) Stoke's Law d) Archimides Principle

104) Which is not feature of national food for Work programme?
a)Started in 2004 and implemented in 150Dts
b) Any poor rural adult is eligible and it is for unskilled labour
c) Entire cost of scheme met by Union
d) Nodal Officer is chairman Zila Parishad.

105) Famous song Sare Jahanse Acha was compiled by
a) Tagore b) Bakin chandra Chatterjee
c) Md Iqbal d) Bhagat Singh

106) Who has been elected as President of Palestinian authority in 2005?a) Md Abbas b) Abdullah ahmad Badwai
c) Abdullah Abdullah d) Md Shamin

107) Congress approved Gandhi- Irwin pact in its session at---- presided over by Sardar Patel. a) Lahore b) Karachi c)Bombay d)Pune

108) Which are Rabi Crops.
1)Bajra 2) soyabeans 3)Barley 4)Mustard
a) 1,2 b) 1,2,3 c) 2,3,4 d) 3,4

109) If an electron and proton propagate in the form of waves having same wavelength, it implies that they have the same
a) Energy b) Momentum c) Velocity
d) Angular Momentum

110) Brazil is the top debtor in theworld. Arrange following countries from top to bottom in Debtor's List
1) India 2) Indonesia 3) China 4) Russia
a)1,2,3,4 b) 1,2,4,3 c) 3,4,1,2d) 3,4,2,1

111) Which of the following satellite launched by India has been renamed as
a) Edusat b)INSAT 3B c) METSAT

112) In New Foreign Trade Policy 2004 which replaced EXIM Policy, some areas have been identified as Thrust Areas for export promotion and employment generation. Which is not oneamong them
a) Agriculture b) Jems , Leather c) Handloom and Handicrafts d) Softwares

113) I) Non cooperation Movement was started By Gandhi on 1-8-1920 and Tilak died on the same day.
II) With this, Congress became a Mass Movement with the involvement of peasants, workers, students and women
a)I True b)II True c)Both True d)Both Wrong

114) What are true?
1) Reservation for SC/ST in LokSabha ia available upto 2025.
2) Reservation is not available in RajyaSabha
3) Reservation is available to SC/ST in initial appointment/ promotion also.
4) Reservation is available to OBC in initial appointment but not available in promotion.
a) 1,2,3 b) 2,3,4 c) 1,2,4 d) 1,2,3,4

115) Three bells toll at intervals of 9,12,15 minutes respectively. All the three begin the toll at7 a.m..At what time will they first toll together again.
a)7.45 a.m b) 9.30 a.m. c) 9.30 a.m d)10am

116) Garo, Khasi, Jaintia , And Mikir Hills are known as-----Plateau.
a)Purvanchal b) Meghalaya
c)Jelepla d) Zojila

117)What is not effect of National emergency
a) Union can enact Understate List
b) Executive Power of Union extend over Executive power of State
c) Term of Rajya sabha can be extended by one Year d) None of the above

118) What was not outcome of Cabinet Mission Plan?
a) Interim Govt b) Formation of Constituent assembly c) Partition of India d) None of the above

119) Which is largest Gulf of the World?
a) Gibralter b) Panama c) Zaire d) Mexico

120) Which country has won the DavisCup Tennis tournament in 2004?
a)USAb) Swedon c) Australia d) Spain

121) Subash Chandra Bose formedForward Bloc in the year----
a) 1938 b) 1939 c) 1941 d) 1942

122)Arrange in the order from North to South
1) Satpura 2 Aravalli 3) Vindhya
a)1,2,3 b) 2,1,3 c) 2,3,1.d)1,3,2
123 V.V Giri national Institute of labour is at a) Panaji b) Kolkatta c) Simla d) Noida

124) Which Article empower Parliament to enact under state List to give effect to International Treaty? a) 249 b)250 c)252d)253

125)Arrange according to precedence
1) Former President 2) Governor within State 3)Speaker of Lok Sabha 4) Chief Justice of India.
a)1,2,3,4 b) 1,2,4,3 c) 2,1,3,4 d) 2,1,4,3

126) Department of space is coming under Ministry of
a) Information Technology b) Science and Technology c) Space and Astrophysics
d) Independent Department (withoutMinistry)

127Assertion: During 2003-2004 exports of paddy increased.
Reason: 2003-2004 is the year wherein highest production of paddy was achieved.

128) Assertion: Babur fought withRana Sangha in the battle of Khanwa
Reason: Rana Sanga conspired with Ibrahim Lodi to defeat Babur in FirstBattle of Panipat

129) Assertion: X-rays are electromagnetic in nature.
Reason: They can be deflected by magnetic fields.

130) A: Union govt has requested all State govts to pass legislation to implement VAT.
R:VAT relates to uniform General Sales Tax and General Sales Tax is under State List

131) Assertion: Iron and Steel Industry is a raw material oriented Industry.
Reason: Large Quantities of water are required for cooling during the production of steel.

132) Assertion: Glass is a very hard substance.
Reason: Silicon is a constituent of Glass

133) A: Irwin made DeepavaliDeclaration according to which the objective of British policy was to grant Dominion status toIndia.
R: Gandhi- Irwin Pact accepted dominion Status in Principle.

134) Assertion: Hill areas have relatively low temperature than plains.
R: Temperature decreases with the increase in altitude at the rate of 1 C for every 300 metres.

135) What are true about national Human Rights commission?
1) Chairman had been Chief justice of SC.
2) Appointed by President on the recommendation of committe headed by PM
3) Its recommendations are binding
4) Chairmen of National Women Commission and Minorities commission are ex officio members.
a) 1,2,3 b) 1,3,4 c) 1,2,4 d) 1,2,3,4

136) What were features of 73rd amendment?
1) Reservation for SC/S T in accordance with their population and 33 1/3reservations for women. 2) Taking away discretionary power of states and Compulsory elections once in 5 years. 3) District Planning committees to plan for Panchayats 4) Ward committees for more than population of 3 Lakhs people
a)1.2 b) 1,2,3 c) 1,2,4d) 1,2,3,4.