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41. His middle name is Fauntleroy. His father’s name is Quackmore. Who?
41. Donald Duck

42. He made his debut as a stunt double for Bruce Lee because Lee refused to jump from 30 feet for a sequence. Who?
42. Jackie Chan

43. Who is the only real life character to appear in Tintin comics?
43. Al Capone

44. Who was the target of the Jackal in the ‘Day of the Jackal’?
44. Charles De GAulle

45. One of the two main components of the dowry given by Catherine Braganza to Charles I was the Moroccan city of Tangiers. What was the other?
45. Bombay

46. Abandoned in front of a cathedral, he was brought up by a priest. His name in Latin means ‘half formed’. He became the church bell ringer by the age of 14 and lost his hearing as a result. He was dubbed the’Pope of Fools’. Who?
46. Quasimodo, the Hunchback of Notre Dame

47. Which animal gets its name, from Tamil, because it supposedly has the strength to kill an elephant?
47. Anaconda

48. What does the NE in the Premier 118 NE stand for?
48. Nissan Engine

49. Under what category does the Guinness Book of Records enter itself?
49. As the most stolen book from Libraries

50. This linguist knows 13 languages. He recently released a semi-autobiography titled ‘The Insider’. Who?
50. P.V. Narasimha Rao

51. The video of which recent chartbuster is based on Indiana Jones?
51. Aqua’s Dr. Jones

52. Who represents the constituency of Gurdaspur in the current Lok Sabha?
52. Vinod Khanna

53. His father was the dreaded dacoit Bhairav Singh. He is the founder chief of the Citizens Security Force. Who?
53. Bahadur

54. Who would you find with Raveena Tandon on the cover of the latest issue(Aug 9 of Filmfare?
54. Ricky MArtin

55. Which popular comic character made his first appearance in Pep Comics No. 22 in Dec 1941?
55. Archie

56. What did the Romanian Govt. ban in 1935 saying that it frightened children?
56. Mickey Mouse

57. Who wrote romantic novels under the pen name Mary Clarissa Westmacott?
57. Agatha Christie

58. What was the football world cup trophy called before it was renamed the FIFA trophy?
58. Jules Rimet Cup

59. If you were ‘oscitating’ what would you be doing?
59. Walking backwards

60. Who, at a Nobel awards banquet, wished that the dinner could have been packed and carried to the more needy back home?
60. Mother TEresa

61. India is developing an ICBM called Surya and also an underwater missile. What is it called?
61. Sagarika

62. Who is the host of a new Star Plus chat show called “Not a nice man to know” which is also the title ofhis autobiography?
62. Kushwant Singh

63. In Hindu myth it is referred to as the Pralaya, in Christianity as Armageddon. What is it referred to as in Islam?
63. Qayamat
64. A famous lexicographer upon being approached by a lady thanking him for omitting 4-letter words from his dictionary, is said to have replied with consternation “ So you have been looking for them madam”. Who?
64. Noah Webster

65. What is the German word for ‘store’ or ‘storehouse’?
65. Lager, therefore Lager beer

66. If your IQ is below 20, you are an ‘idiot’, if it is between 20 and 49 you are an ‘imbecile’. What are you if it is between 50 and 69?
66. Moron

67. What is a ‘Mexican breakfast’?
67. A glass of water with a cigarette

68. In the world of Indian fiction, who won the ‘All India Rifle Competition’ in 1975?
68. Feluda

69. “We contemplate the ultimate reality which is in the earth, the sky, the heaven,Let us bring our minds to meditate in the glory of the divine earth. May truth inspire our reflection“. This is the last prayer of a cult. Which one?
69. Heaven’s Gate

70. Which sportsman’s name is a corruption of the title ‘Ayo Dele’ which means ‘Joy in the house’ and was bestowed upon him by his Nigerian father while it got corrupted due to a mispronunciation by his Scottish mother?
70. Daley Thompson
71. In Greek myth when Theseus offered to kill the Minotaur, Ariadne, Daughter of the King of Crete gave him a thread to help him find his way back from the Minotaur’s dwelling. What word came into English language from this?
71. Clue

72. What commodity was originally called a ‘delirious drug’ in France and ‘a product that causes the shrivelled look of the orient’ in Germany?
72. Tea

73. Where in the world would you find the only digital Rolex clock?
73. Wimbledon Centre Court

74. She works 10-12 hours a day. She smokes 5 packets of cigarettes a day while working. She is the daughter of the renowned poet, Manish Ghatak and niece of director Ritwik Ghatak. She runs a tribal welfare organisation called ‘Paschim Bangla Keriya Sabar Kalyan Samiti’. Who?
74. Mahashweta Devi

75. ‘RUPTUREWORT’ is the largest word that can be made from the letters on the first row of a typewriter. What is the second largest?
75. Typewriter

76. What is the female equivalent of a ‘runway’?
76. Catwalk

77. The fusion of the Chinese ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’ is the symbol of which organisation in India?
77. Doordarshan

78. Who is the first Indian to be appointed the Master of the Trinity College at Oxford?
78. Amartya Sen, now Nobel laureate

79. What did Winston Churchill describe as ‘an ineffectual attempt to direct an uncontrollable object into an inaccessible hole with instruments ill-adapted for the purpose’?
79. Golf

80. In Table Tennis a ball is so spun on the table that the opponent does not reach it. This inspired a person named Bosanquet to invent something. What?
80. The Googly in cricket

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