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81. He was recently in India to inaugurate the India Internet World exhibition in Delhi. Originally from Bangalore, he was the co-founder of the popular Hotmail free e-mail service which he sold to Microsoft for $400 million last year. Who?
81. Sabeer Bahtia

82. It’s official name is ‘The Albert Victor Conservatory’ and is spread over an area of 2180 sq.m. What are we talking about?
82. The Glass House at lalbagh, Bangalore

83. This person originally had the surname ‘Little’. Influenced by Elijah Mohd., he joined the Nation of Islam. After a pilgrimage to Mecca, he returned under the name G Haj Malik el Shahbazz, a Sunni Muslim. Who?
83. Malcolm X

84. In a fit of madness this person killed his wife Megara and their children. In order to atone for his sins he did something. Who and what?
84. Hercules and he performed the 12 tasks

85. He was named so because he was born in the same year as that his father first tasted success, in the movie ‘Choti Behan’. He cleaned carpets, worked on an oil rig and on a horse farm. He is now settled as a farmer in New Zealand. Who?
85. Lucky Ali

86. Its predecessor was codenamed ‘Chicago’. Its codename was ‘Memphis’. It was released about two months ago after a delay of nearly a year. What are we talking about?
86. Windows 98

87. A 2 word answer: The first word is the common name for a South American shrub whose dried leaves are chewed as a stimulant. The second word is a West African tree whose seed is used as a condiment and tonic.
87. Coca Cola

88. ‘The god of wind brought about the winds of change in India’. What was once advertised thus?
88. Maruti

89. Which literary personality’s last work was ‘The Phoenix and the Turtle’?
89. William Shakespeare

90. In Phantom comics what are the names of the Phantom’s two pet dolphins?
90. Solomon and Nefertiti

91. Who recently won the “Businessperson of the Year” Award for 1998 instituted by The Economic Times newspaper?
91. N. Chandrababu NAidu, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh

92. About which music group did the legendary Phil Spector remark “ The only difference between a pornographic movie and them is that the pornographic movie has better music”
92. The Spice Girls

93. In the film Mr. And Mrs. 55 Guru Dutt was a cartoonist. Who actually drew the cartoons?
93. Bal Thackeray

94. His wife said of him “he is frightened of the titles and degrees on peoples visiting cards” and his card reads ‘ senior shoe salesman’. Who?
94. Thomas J. Bata
95. It is called ‘deuce’ in English, ‘egalite’ in French. What is it in German?
95. Einstein

96. So sure were the distributors of the success of this film , that they split up the film into 20 minute segments for a kids morning show. Which film?
96. Star Wars

97. If you were engaged in an altercation with a friend and he gave you a ‘circum orbital Hemotopo’ what would you have?
97. A black eye.

98. What is referred to as ‘blue sky research’?
98. Spending enormous amounts of money on futile projects like finding out why the sky is blue etc.

99. What do psychologists define as ‘a disorder in which strongly felt ethical and altruistic impulses are perpetually warring with extreme sexual longing often of a perverse nature’?
99. Love

100. Locals affectionately refer to it as ‘bobby’. It is 90 ft long, has a sinuous body, tail, snake like head and a long neck. What?
100. The Loch Ness Monster.

101. According to legend Allah has 1001 names. To be good men, men need know only 1000 names. Who is the only one to know all 1001 names?
101. The Camel

102. What contribution did a vague movie by name ‘Rooplekha’ make to Indian cinema?
102. First movie with a flashback sequence.

103. The word ‘stadium’ comes from ‘stade’ a unit of distance. What was the unit?
103. The distance that Hercules could walk holding his breath.

104. In Asterix comic Unhygienix buys a plot of land from Obelix. How do we supposedly know this land today?
104. As Stonehenge.

105. Which day to day medical term is derived from the Latin for Cow?
105. Vaccination.

106. Based on Hamlet, it was the first English movie to be dubbed into Zulu and was also the first English movie not to feature a single human. Which movie?
106. The Lion King

107. It was believed that the devil was present at all important occasions during the medieval period. What practice arose from this?
107. The practice of clinking glasses to toast. They believed that the sound made was similar to church bells which scared the Devil away.

108. When King George first met him he asked him ‘Tell me , how did you pee’? Who are we talking about?
108. Sir Charles Lindbergh

109. She is a graduate of the National School of Drama . She replaced Mita Vashist in her most celebrated role to date. She is also starring in Kamal Hassan’s under-production film ‘Ladies Only’. Who
109. Seema Biswas.

110. What is common to hearty, Patiala, silent, cocktail, open heart, dancing and round?
110. All are types of laughter.

111. If you were playing with the Devil’s Book what would you be doing?
111. Playing cards.

112. In medieval times, in Europe, 1/3 of taxes went to the King, 1/3 to the nobility and 1/3 to the common man. How is this immortalised?
112. Through the nursery rhyme ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’

113. Born with the body of a mastiff, looks of a lamb, teeth of a bunny rabbit and is one of those mutations that happen when God plays dice. Who or What are we talking about?
113. Ronaldo

114. Following the demolition of the Babri Masjid, there were many debates in Parliament regarding what to be done with the disputed land. One of the most popular suggestions came from a first time M.P. from Uttar Pradesh who suggested that a sweet shop be built there. What was his logic?
114. Rama + Babri = Rabri which was a sweetmeat.

115. This bird has the unique distinction of being called by the names of two different countries in different parts of the world. Give both names.
115. Turkey and Peru in Latin America.

116. “There was neither non-exist nor exist. There was neither the realm of space nor the sky beyond”. Opening lines of what?
116. The Rig Veda.

117. In February 1935, the superpolyamide formed from hexamethylene diamine and adipic acid was made by Du Pont. How do we know this compound better?
117. As Nylon

118. This person wrote about himself thus :”Principal virtues : keeps his nails clean. Principal faults : that he has no family, is bad tempered and has a poor digestion. One and only wish : Not to be buried alive. Greatest sin : that he does not worship Mammon. Important events in his life : None”. Who?
118. Alfred Nobel

119. There’s a story that, around 1600, two children were playing with lenses in a shop in Middleburg. What resulted, according to the story, from the game?
119. The telescope. They were playing in Hans Lippershey’s shop. Lippershey is considered to be the probable inventor of the telescope. By holding together the two lenses, the children found, they could magnify the objects kept in the shop. This led Lippershey to construct the telescope.

120. What was patented by Hippolyte Mege Mouries in 1869, after he was commissioned by the Victualing Department of the French Navy to find an alternative for butter at a time of acute butter shortage?
120. Margarine

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