AP PSC PAPERS : Group -I Mains Examination Paper-I (GENERAL ESSAY)

AP PSC PAPERS : Group -I Mains Examination Paper-I


Note: The question paper is in three sections. Each section has three essay questions. The candidate has to write answers to three essay questions, one from each section compulsorily. Each question carries 50 marks.
The question paper is set in English and translated into Telugu. The English version is considered as the authentic version for valuation purpose. Enough space is available in the answer sheet for writing all answers. There is
no provision for additional answer sheets.

Section – I

1. “Despite huge gains in economic output, our current social, political and economic systems are exacerbating inequalities, rather than reducing them”. In view of the above statement, discuss the importance of inclusive growth?
2. What is the present situation of Dalits in India? Despite numerous developmental schemes and stringent laws for protection, why there is no substantial progress at the ground level?
3. “Primary education is the foundation for empowerment of Children”.Discuss the impact on the democratic rights of the children and discrimination between rich and poor children, in light of heavy commercialization of primary

Section – II

4. “Sedition laws have no place in a democracy” – Comment on the above sentence, in the context of the recent conflicts in our country?
5. Discuss the progress in recent Indian efforts in evolving joint counter terrorism strategy with different allies? What is the implication of current violence in Kashmir Valley on these efforts?
6. Explain “BREXIT”? Discuss its likely impact on governance, politics and economy of European Union?

Section – III

7. “Government of India announced special package but did not grant special status to Andhra Pradesh”. Explain whether special status would have any advantage over the present special package?
8. Examine the role of self help groups (SHGS) and micro finance institutions (MFIs) in meeting the credit requirements of rural people in Andhra Pradesh? 
9. “River linking is a panacea for the woes of farmers of Andhra Pradesh”. In light of the above statement, explain how river linking can solve the problem of water scarcity in Andhra Pradesh. Also describe Pattiseema project of Andhra Pradesh and its benefits?

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