(Book) MATHRUBHUMI YEARBOOK 2021 (English)

(Book) MATHRUBHUMI YEARBOOK 2021 (English)

About Book :

The world woke up to the need to prioritize health care than anything else. The massive, global shift caused by the pandemic is going to reshape offices, companies, the cities, and everything else from energy, climate and technology. At the same time the pandemic also presented us with an opportunity to reshape our economy. Overviewing these immense changes, the focus of Mathrubhumi English Yearbook 2021 is aptly on two topics; health and economy. There are two essays on health; one pointing out the importance of public health care; other offer a detailed account of the vaccine making process. At the section of economy, there are two enlightening essays; one finding way out for the wobbling Indian Economy; other imagining the economy. Our cover stories look forward at what this period means for India and the world. Dr Shashi Tharoor cherishes hope amid fear. The world is a better place when countries engage in dialogue, he argues. Environmental activist Dr Vandana Shiva stresses on mainstream biodiversity, former diplomat T.Br. Sreenivasan explains the current foreign policy of India. The big concerns about climate change and updated knowledge about space research are also included. The section, UPSC summation designed with important data on key issues, which are considered as relevant for UPSC examinations. The section is framed for UPSC and Civil Service aspirants. The wide range of current Affairs is categorised in a reader-friendly mode. The Yearbook also takes readers to Mathrubhumi Yearbook website, a current Affairs online platform too.

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  • Price : Rs. 264/-
  • Publisher : MATHRUBHUMI BOOKS (6 January 2021); MATHRUBHUMI BOOKS
  • Language : English

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