(BREAKING NEWS) UPSC Declares Official Syllabus for Civil Services (Prelim) Exam 2011 which includes CSAT.


Syllabus for 2011 UPSC Aptitude Test for Prelims

From Civil Service Examination 2011, Preliminary Examination would consist of two papers- Paper I and Paper II. The syllabus and pattern of the Preliminary Examination would be as under:

(Paper 1) (200 marks) - Duration : Two hrs.

  • Current events  of national and international importance
  • History of India  and Indian national movement
  • Indian and World Geography- physical, social, economic geography of India and the world
  • Indian Polity and governance – constitution, political system, panchayati raj, public policy, Rights issues, etc.
  • Economic and social development – sustainable development, poverty, inclusion, demographics, social sector initiatives etc.
  • General issues on environmental ecology, bio-diversity and climate change-that  donot require subject specialization
  • General science.

(Paper II) (200 marks) – Duration : Two hrs

  • Comprehension
  • Interpersonal skills including communication skills
  • Logical reasoning and analytical ability
  • Decision making and problem solving
  • General mental ability
  • Basic numeracy (numbers and their relations, orders of magnitude etc. (Class X level), Data interpretation (charts, graphs, tables, data sufficiency etc. –Class X level)
  • English language comprehension skills (Class X level)

Courtesy: Union Public Service Commission - UPSC


This new pattern should be most welcomed by everyone because it provides all aspirants similar type of questions in this particular type of CAST . So in my views this is very-very welcomed decision taken by UPSC to conduct the examination. I am very happy on this change.

nice to c changes....

gud syllbus.... every one can get similar chance...

hmmmm very nice syllabus by this syllabus all the areas of studies includes............ means every person has same thing and no option to choose a optional paper and the both paper includes the all thing related to every field.............. nice syllabus.......

i wellcome the new syllabus of civil services PT it will improve the quality of officers...............

its confirmed now as it was a an idea to be implimented two years before itself

i welcome the positive change that upsc has made 2 da syllabus....comfortable 4 every aspirant whatsoever his background is...but 1 thing irritates here...datz upsc ought 2 hav elaborated da syllabus a lil bit...e.g,in Economic and social development – sustainable development, poverty, inclusion, demographics, social sector initiatives etc., there is a topic POVERTY...aw v supposed 2 define poverty o wat? ds also creates confusion...through this medium i want 2 make an appeal dat i am in need of da requisite study material....if someone has da same, plz do reply me...dat vl b ua most kindness...wish u ol da best...

wt is comprehension. and whre is the complete detailed syllabus

Really its a nice......guys do u know wats the benifit.......our country develops soon......briliant person can cross tis prelims.....

really its nice.......guys do u know wats the benifit of tis.........our country can develops soon........a briliant person can rule our nation........and a person with great efficiency can cross over tis prilms .........hats for upsc