केन्द्रीय सशस्त्र पुलिस बल (सहायक कमांडेंट) : परीक्षा पेपर 2020-सामान्य अध्ययन, निबंध और समझ (Download) CAPF (AC) Exam, 2020 Paper "General Studies, Essay & Comprehension"

केन्द्रीय सशस्त्र पुलिस बल (सहायक कमांडेंट) :  परीक्षा पेपर 2020-सामान्य अध्ययन, निबंध और समझ

(Download) CAPF (AC) Exam, 2020 Paper "General Studies, Essay & Comprehension"

  • सामान्य अध्ययन, निबंध और समझ 
  • निर्धारित समय : तीन घण्टे 
  • अधिकतम अंक : 200 

1. निम्नलिखित में से किन्हीं चार पर लगभग 300 शब्दों (प्रत्येक) में निबंध लिखिए : 
(a) भारत की आंतरिक सुरक्षा के समक्ष उभरते खतरे 
(b) महिलाओं के विरुद्ध हिंसा पुरुष के वर्चस्व की अभिव्यक्ति है 
(c) भारतीय इलेक्ट्रॉनिक मीडिया में साख का संकट 
(d) भारत की अंतर्राष्ट्रीय सीमाओं की रक्षा करना भारतीय सशस्त्र सेनाओं के लिए एक चुनौतीपूर्ण कार्य है 
(e) प्रतिस्पर्धात्मक भारतीय समाज में शिशुपालन एक चुनौती है सामाजिक न्याय की सुनिश्चितता एक मानवाधिकार है

2. Write arguments for and against each of the following statements : 
(a) Solitude during a pandemic is not unwelcome. 
(b) Political awareness among the social elite is inconsequential. 
3. Write reports on the following in about 200 words each : 
(a) Provisions for primary education sector in the New Education Policy 
(b) Impact of the new agricultural laws on farmers 
4. Write a précis of the given passage in one-third of its length. Do not suggest a title. Write, as far as possible, in your own words. The précis must be written only in the précis format given : 
For Gandhi, respect and toleration were related, and virtually indistinguishable. This might appear strange. To 'tolerate', in the classical 17th century meaning of the term, is to refrain from interference in the activities of others even though one finds them morally repugnant and despite having the power to do so. Here one puts up with, even suffers the morally reprehensible activities of others. At best, the powerless other escapes interference of the powerful because the latter shows mercy towards them. This is hate-based toleration—I hate but still tolerate. 


Gandhi's 'toleration' is different. How? Parents often put up with the blemishes of their children which they would not suffer in others. We choose to overlook a fault in our spouse, lover, or close friend that we would not excuse in others. We might endure differences with fellow citizens because we value fraternity. In short, we tolerate some disagreeable beliefs and practices of persons or groups because we identify with many of their other beliefs and practices. In all such cases, we put up with dislikeable states of others even if we have some power to do something about them simply because we have love or love-like feelings for them. Others are tolerated not despite hate but rather because they are loved—I love, so I tolerate. This is Gandhi's love-based toleration, entirely consistent with respect. 

Unlike the mainstream, hate-based conception of toleration that presupposes that oneness with significant others is achieved by abolishing the radical other, by eliminating plurality, for this second, Gandhian conception, oneness is attained by one accepting all radical others as equally significant because they variously manifest one supreme being. Thus, to tolerate is to refrain from interfering in the life of others not despite our hatred for them, but because we love them as alternative manifestations of our own selves or because we deeply care for some basic norm common to all of us. We may not be able to be what they are, we may even dislike some of their beliefs and practices but we recognize that they are translations of our own selves or of God within each of us. This, Gandhi believed, binds us together in a relationship of lasting affection. (369 words) 
5. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow : 

After every party, it's time to clean up. Mount Everest is no different. The record number of climbers crowding the world's highest mountain this season has left a government clean-up crew grappling with how to clear away everything from abandoned tents to human waste that threatens drinking water. 

Budget expedition companies charge just $ 30,000 per climber, cutting costs including waste removal. Everest has so much garbage depleted oxygen cylinders, food packaging, rope—that climbers use it as a kind of signpost. But this year's haul from an estimated 700 climbers, guides and porters on the mountain has been a shock to the ethnic Sherpas who worked on the government's clean-up drive this spring. 

The tents are littering the South Col, or the Camp 4, which, at 8000 metres (26240 feet), is the highest campsite on Everest. The high winds have scattered the tents and trash everywhere. 

"The altitude, oxygen levels, dangerously icy and slippery slopes, and bad weather of the South Col make it very difficult to bring such big things as tents down”, said Dawa Steven Sherpa, who led an independent clean-up last month. 

Exhausted climbers struggling to breathe and battling nausea often leave heavy tents behind. Dawa said the logos on the ice-embedded tents that identify the expedition companies were ripped out so that culprits could evade detection. 

"It took us an hour to dig out just one tent out of the frozen ice and bring it down", he said. His expeditions have brought down some 20000 kg of garbage since 2008. 

Dawa estimated 30 tents had been left on the South Col, and as much as 5000 kg of trash. It is impossible to know exactly how much litter is spread across Everest because it becomes visible only when the snow melts.. 

Questions : 
(a) What does the garbage on Mount Everest consist of? 
(b) What is the task of the government clean-up crew? 
(c) Why is the clean-up task difficult? 
(d) Why do climbers leave their heavy tents behind on the mountain while returning? 
(e) Why is it difficult to estimate the amount of garbage left behind by the climbers? 
6. (a) Rewrite the sentences as directed : 

(i) The inaugural ceremony of the Commonwealth Games was held                             the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. 
( Fill in the blank space with a preposition ) 
(ii) I decided to buy                     few paintings that were left unsold in the exhibition. 
(Fill in the blank space with an article ) 
(iii) My neighbour takes care of my dog in my absence. 
( Transform the sentence into the passive form ) 
(iv) The foundation stone of this auditorium was laid by the Chief Minister. 
( Transform the sentence into the active form) 
injured in the 
(v) Neither the driver nor the passengers of the bus                               accident. 
( Fill in the blank space with the appropriate form of the verb 'be') 
(vi) The police spokesperson requested the media persons to allow him to complete his statement. 
( Rewrite the sentence using the direct speech form ) 
(vii) If the police had reached the crime scene on time, the victim                     
( Fill in the blank space with the appropriate form of the verb 'save') 
(viii) We need to take care of                            
( Fill in the blank space with an appropriate reflexive pronoun ) 
(ix) Give your statement to the police. It will enable them to arrest the culprit. 
( Write one simple sentence by combining the two sentences ) 
(x) He sings only in the bathroom. 
( Change this simple sentence into a complex sentence ) 

(b) Write one sentence each using the following words and phrases to bring out their meaning clearly. Do not change the tense form of the given words : 
(i) takes after 
(ii) put off 
(iii) called off 
(iv) called on 
(v) denied 
(c) Rewrite the following sentences correctly after detecting errors of any kind including mis-positioning of words. Do not make unnecessary changes in the sentences : 
(i) He met all the concerned officers but failed to get the permission to hold the function. 
(ii) One of my colleagues is leading the officious delegation. 
(iii) The students organized a three days cultural festival in their college. 
(iv) The landlord asked his tenant to evict his rented house if he could not pay the rent. 
(v) We need an affordable vaccine for everybody because we will only be safe if everyone else is safe.

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