Strategy for Current Affairs : IAS PRE Exam

Strategy for IAS Current Affairs

Dear Students,
We advice you to read the Current Affairs section Topic-wise; and keep the following point in mind while reading Current Affairs section.

  • Separate the factual information from the descriptive details.
  • Supplement each information with its background.
  • Analyze the information on various dimensions, its effect on various areas.
  • Try to connect the available information with your optional paper and with various section of the G.S. paper.

Lets explain this by following example:

Recently Tendulkar committee has suggested that there are 37% of population living below the poverty line. Where as planning commission suggested only 27%, and on that basis all government plans and programmes are formulated. If this is the case, then:

  • What about the remaining 10%? 
  • What are the criteria Tendulker committees has taken to measure the BPL?
  • What are the criteria of the planning commission of India to measure the same?
  • What is your opinion regarding the above?
  • What could be done to known the exact figure of the BPL population?
  • What would be the right criteria?
  • Is it these mis-matches which create hindrances to eradicate poverty from India?

In this way with single information you can analyze it on various perspectives. For this you do not have to memorise, but to think again and again on each and every topic, each and every fact and figure of this section. If you do so, I guarantee, you will qualify the P.T with ease. And you will definitely secure good marks in your GS and Second/Optional papers.

This whole process enhances your thinking capability as well as generates a multi-dimensional perspective.

This process will prepare you for both P.T. and Mains Exams simultaneously. Hence it will boost up your chances in cracking the exam.

I hope all of you who rely on this course would get maximum benefit from the process.

Best of Luck!



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Respected Sir, I am really delighted to be a part of this great effort......i will try to get the maximum out of it... after going through the course only i could recognize that , CURRENT AFFAIRS is such i will give more importance to that,... tHIS COURSE IS GOING TO BE MORE USEFUL FOR starters like me...

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For providing us with different angles to tackle the paper.

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