(Interview) UPSC Interview By Ajay Kumar [AIR 108] (Sh. IMG Khan Board)

UPSC Interview By Ajay Kumar

Interview Writeup : Legends: Chairman-CH; Member 1-M1; Member 2-M2; Member 3-M3; Member 4 (Lady Member)-M4; Ajay Kumar-AK.

AK: ...enters the room and wishes the chairman...
CH: Please have your seat.
AK: Thank you, Sir.

CH: So, you are Ajay Kumar
AK: Yes Sir.

CH: Ajay, (seeing the bio data) you were getting Rs. 25 Lacs per annum in UAE so why do you want to join Civil Service? I think you are more useful for Engineering.
AK: Sir, I agree that I am useful for Engineering; but I believe I would be even more useful for Civil Service. This is my childhood dream to join civil services and to work to improve lives of laces of common people.

CH: What was your profile in your last job?
AK: Pipeline Engineer

CH: If a pipeline has to pass through various countries, what technical difficulties you foresee.
AK: Crossing hilly areas, rivers, deserts and valleys poses a great challenge.

M1: Have you seen today's newspaper?
AK: Yes, Sir

M1: What is the good news today?
AK: India own over Australia and it will meet Pakistan in Semi-finals: This is the good news

M1: What is the bad news?
AK: Sorry Sir, I am not able to recollect

M1: What is humorous news?
AK: Sorry Sir, I am not able to recollect

M1: Any news about Orissa?
AK: Yes Sir, the name has been changed to Odisha by an act of parliament.

M1: Can you recall the Constitutional Amendment number
AK: Yes Sir, It is 113 th Amendment act

M2: There are two cases (1) IC-814 hijack case (2) Vineel Krishna Abduction case; In both cases Govt had to bend. Do you justify govt. stand?
AK: Yes Sir. Since ours is a democracy and if we allow our people to die in such circumstances, then there will be huge public uproar which is not desirable.

M2: What other countries follow in these circumstances.
AK: I am not fully aware, Sorry Sir.

M3: Do you have any civil servant as your role model?
AK: No Sir.

M3: Tell 3 most important qualities of a civil servant.
AK: Honesty, Integrity & Compassion

M4: If a pipeline has to be laid in flood-prone area, in earth-quake prone area, in terrorist afflicted area and in tsunami-prone area, How you will design them?
AK: In flood prone area & tsunami prone area: The pipeline will be buried with concrete coating and will have higher wall thickness; In earth-quake prone area: Based on seismic analysis flexibility of pipeline by sand-filling is to be ensured; and in terrorist afflicted area: apart from burrying the pipeline and higher wall thickness, there should be provision of Security buildings at every 30-40 kms.

M4: Why you opted Hindi Literature as one of the optional?
AK: It was my strong area and based on thorough analysis I concluded it to be a scoring subject for me.

CH: What is the government system in Abudhabi?
AK: Monarchy, Sir.

CH: How people feel there? Are they happy?
AK: Yes sir. People are very happy there. Good quality of life is being enjoyed by majority.

CH: Can the same system be applied for India?
AK: No Sir.

CH: Then you are contradicting your previous statement.
AK: Sir, It may seem that I am contradicting, but in fact I am not. As I said, People are happy there and it is proved by Human Development Report-2010. UAE got 32nd position. However, I believe democracy is best suited for India. As India is very diverse country and has lot of inequalities. To address these issues democracy is the best model. Moreover, what is happening in Lybia and Egypt these days, the same may be repeated to UAE also, sooner or later. That's why India must continue with its democratic model.

CH: Thanks God ! You have an open mind on this issue.
AK: Thank you, Sir.

CH: Your interview is over. You may leave now.
AK: Thank you, Sir ! ....Wishes the chairman and other members....and leaves the interview room.

Exam Interview Details : UPSC-Civil Services Exam 2010
Subjects Taken : Public Administration, Literature of Hindi Language
Interview DATE : 25-Mar-2011
Interview Board : Sh. IMG Khan
City : New Delhi


UPSC MAINS MARKS of Ajay Kumar Civil Services (Main) Examination 2010

Name: Ajay Kumar
Rank: 108
Roll No: 060090

Subject				Maximum Marks	Marks Obtained
Essay(Paper III)		200		092
General Studies (Paper-IV)	300		151
General Studies(Paper-V)	300		093

Optional I, 
PUBLIC ADMIN.(Paper-VI)		300		173
PUBLIC ADMIN.(Paper-VII)	300		175

Optional II, 
LIT.OF HINDI LANG.(Paper-VIII)	300		190
LIT.OF HINDI LANG.(Paper-IX)	300		196
Written Total			2000		1070
Interview Marks			300		150
Final Total			2300		1220
Remarks: Recommended
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