Training Institute: Art & Culture for UPSC Exams

UPSC Exam Art & Culture

Training Institute : Art & Culture for UPSC Exams

Training Institute

Film and Television Institute of India, Pune

The Film Institute was setup by the Govern- ment of India in 1960. With the coming of Television wing in 1974, the Institute was re- designated as Film and Television Institute of India.  The Institute became a society in Oc- tober 1974. The society consists of eminent personalities connected with film, Television, Communication, Culture, Alumi of Institute and Ex-officio Government   members. The Institute is governed by a Governing Coun-cil, headed by a Chairman. The current chair- man is Dr. U.R. Ananthamurthy. The Insti- tute consists of two wings, The Film wing and the TV wing.   It offers courses in both Film and Television. Film and Television In- stitute provides the latest education and tech- nological experience in the art and technique of film making and television production.

Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute (SRFTI)

SRFTI located in Kolkata is the second na- tional level film training Institute to be estab- lished by the Government of India. The In- stitute offers three - year post graduate di- ploma courses in Direction and Screenplay writing,  Cinematography,  Editing, and Audiography. Apart from the basic diploma course, the institute also has the provision  to conduct short and medium term courses on areas related to film and television  research and explorative studies in the  sociology, cul- ture and technology of film and television are other areas of focus in SRFTI

Indian Ins titute of Mass Communication (IIMC)

IIMC came into existence on 17th August 1963. It was established with the basic ob- jective  of undertaking teaching, training and research in the area of mass communication. The institute conducts a number of Post - graduate Diploma Courses in Print Journal- ism, Radio and TV Journalism and Advertis- ing and Public Relations. A number of spe- cialised short - term courses ranging from one week to twelve weeks are also organised to meet the ever - growing training needs  of communication professionals working in vari- ous media/publicity outfits of central, state governments and public sector organizations. In addition the institute also collaborates with different national and international agencies in conducting training programmes, seminars, workshops etc. and in undertaking research projects


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