Public Administration Mains 2017 : Model Question and Answer - 36

Public Administration Mains 2017 : Model Question and Answer

(Public Administration Paper I / Chapter: Administrative Behavior)

(Important) Question : What are the problems inherent in upward communication ? (10 Marks/150 Words)

Model Answer :

Upward Communication or Subordinate-initiated communication requires a free and participative environment to facilitate sharing of perceptions, feedback, organization related experiences from the field level to the superiors and is non-directive in nature.

The challenges that come in this process is when administrators engaged in the upward communication process decides to filter information as per their discretion and do not allow unfavorable news to reach the higher bosses.

In order to address these challenges, alternate channels of communication other than the existing chain of command have to be designed. These could include suggestion systems, appeal and grievance procedures, complaint systems, counseling sessions, grapevine, group meetings or the ombudsman.

Henry Fayol has advocated a Gangplank concept in the channels of communication whereby when two individuals have to communicate across departments, instead of going through the long tedious channel of superiors. (Total Words- 138)

(Linkages : Upward Communication and Filtering of Information, Upward Communication and Grapevine, Upward Communication and Gangplank)

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