(Download) UPSC Toppers Notes : Prasanth Reddy (2009 IAS Rank-64)

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(Download) UPSC Toppers Notes : Prasanth Reddy (2009 IAS Rank-64)

I have no words to comment on my interview performance. Three interviews same score, 135. This time it was Parveen Talha's board. I worked hard from December. We formed a group, gathered around 300MB of online content, got deeper into many issues and more over worked good bit on personality. So much of discretion that it makes or mars one's chances. I am the last one in the day to be interviewed. It was almost 5:45 PM by the time it started. Meanwhile I gathered profiles of all those who will be interviewed before me by the same board, observed the plan of UPSC, its architecture, surroundings, directions which we are facing and many more to answer what you have done here from afternoon. Quite unlucky after so much of effort, before and during. My Honest feeling is that I deserve a place in top 20 if not 10. I belong to that school of thought which treats IAS as a passion and not just a career. Interestingly, I hold the honours for topping from below the interview score amongst top 100. Please correct me if I am wrong! On the other hand my written score should well be in the top. A Perfect IRONY, something like an oxymoron. Anyways have to accept it as there is no other alternative and move ahead. One guy in the same session got 85. Atleast I should not feel bad after hearing this. Its better if UPSC has some feedback mechanism atleast.

Below given Mark's Sheet of Prasanth Reddy .

Roll No. : 074599

Civil Services(Main) Examination 2008
Subject Maximum
Essay(Paper III) 200 094
General Studies (Paper-IV) 300 183
General Studies(Paper-V) 300 170
Optional I,Geography Paper-VI 300 188
Paper-VII 300 152
Optional II, Public Administration Paper-VIII 300 189
Paper-IX 300 157
Penalty Marks   0
Written Total 2000 1133
Interview Marks 300 135
Final Total 2300 1268

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Courtesy: Prasanth Reddy  IAS