(Download) EBOOK : Economic Survey 2019-20

(Download) EBOOK : Economic Survey 2019-20

Content :

CHAPTER : 1 Wealth Creation: The Invisible Hand Supported By The Hand Of Trust

  • Importance Of Wealth Creation
  • Wealth Creation Through The Invisible Hand Of Markets
  • The Instruments For Wealth Creation
  • The Breakdown Of Trust In The Early Years Of This Millennium

CHAPTER : 2. Entrepreneurship And Wealth Creation At The Grassroots

  • Entrepreneurship And GDP
  • Determinants Of Entrepreneurial Activity
  • Policy Implications For Fast-Tracking Entrepreneurship And Wealth Creation

CHAPTER : 3. Pro-Business versus Pro-Crony

  • Pro-Business, Creative Destruction And Wealth Creation
  • Pro-Crony And Wealth Destruction
  • Discretionary Allocation Of Natural Resources Vis-À-Vis Allocation Via Auctions
  • Riskless Returns: The Case Of Wilful Default
  • Conclusion

CHAPTER : 4. Undermining Markets: When Government Intervention Hurts More Than It Helps

  • Essential Commodities Act (ECA), 1955
  • Drug Price Controls Under ECA
  • Government Intervention In Grain Markets
  • Debt Waivers
  • Legislative Changes Required To Reduce Government Interventions

CHAPTER : 5. Creating Jobs and Growth by Specializing to Exports in Network Products

  • India’s Export Under-Performance Vis-À-Vis China
  • Reaping Gains From Participation In Global Value Chains
  • Which Industries Should India Specialize In For Job Creation?
  • Pattern Of Entry
  • Potential Gains In Employment And GDP
  • Are Free Trade Agreements Beneficial?
  • Way Forward

CHAPTER : 6. Targeting Ease Of Doing Business In India

  • Introduction
  • Global Comparisons
  • Density Of Legislation And Statutory Compliance Requirements In Manufacturing
  • Starting A Business: Regulatory Hurdles In Opening A Restaurant
  • Construction Permits
  • Achieving Scale Across Business
  • Trading Across Borders
  • Case Studies Of India’s Performance In Logistics In Specific Segments
  • Conclusion

CHAPTER : 7. Golden Jubilee Of Bank Nationalisation: Taking Stock

  • Banking Structure: Nationalization To Today
  • Benefits Of Nationalization
  • Enhancing Efficiency Of PSBs: The Way Forward
  • Conclusion

CHAPTER : 8. Financial Fragility In The NBFC Sector

  • Conceptual Framework Of Rollover Risk
  • Differences Between HFCs And Retail-NBFCs
  • Diagnostic To Assess Financial Fragility
  • Policy Implications

CHAPTER : 9. Privatization And Wealth Creation

  • Impact Of Privatisation: A Firm Level Analysis
  • Way Forward

CHAPTER : 10. Is India’s GDP Growth Rate Overstated? No!

  • Introduction
  • Is GDP Misestimated?
  • A Diagnostic Analysis
  • Conclusion

CHAPTER : 11. Thalinomics: The Economics Of A Plate Of Food In India

  • Introduction
  • Thali Prices
  • Affordability Of Thalis
  • Price Trends Of Thali Components
  • Thali Inflation
  • Variability Of Thali Prices
  • Conclusion

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