(Download) EBOOK : Economic Survey 2020-21

(Download) EBOOK : Economic Survey 2020-21

Content :

Chapter-1 Saving Lives and Livelihoods amidst a Once-in-a-Century Crisis

  • COVID-19: Once in A Century ‘Crisis’
  • Research-Driven Policy Response amidst Unprecedented Uncertainty
  • India’s Humane Policy Response: Short-Term Pain, Long-Term Gain
  • Efficacy of Initial Lockdown in Controlling the Pandemic
  • India: Riding Against the Wave
  • V-Shaped Economic Recovery Due to Timely Stringent Lockdown
  • Far-Sighted Policy Response for Economic Recovery
  • Looking Forward

Chapter-2 Does Growth lead to Debt Sustainability? Yes, But Not Vice- Versa!

  • The (R-G) Differential and Debt Sustainability in India
  • The IRGD and Debt Sustainability for Other Economies
  • In India, Growth Leads to Debt Sustainability, Not Vice-Versa
  • Direction of Causality in Other Economies
  • Crowding Out Due to Public Expenditure?
  • Structure of India’s Debt
  • Scenario Analysis: Is India’s Current Debt Sustainable?
  • Policy Implications

Chapter-3 Does India’s Sovereign Credit Rating Reflect Its Fundamentals? No!

  • The Bias Against Emerging Giants in Sovereign Credit Ratings
  • India’s Sovereign Credit Ratings
  • Does India’s Sovereign Credit Rating Reflect its Fundamentals? No!
  • Have India’s Sovereign Credit Ratings Reflected its Fundamentals in the Past? No!
  • Does India’s Sovereign Credit Rating Reflect its Willingness and Ability to Pay? No!
  • Effect of Sovereign Credit Rating Changes on Select Indicators
  • Macroeconomic Indicators as Determinants of Sovereign Credit Rating Changes
  • Policy Implications

Chapter-4 Inequality and Growth: Conflict or Convergence?

  • Introduction
  • Growth, Inequality, and Socio-Economic Outcomes: India Versus The Advanced Economies
  • Is Perfect Equality Optimal?
  • Inequality or Poverty?
  • Relative Impact of Economic Growth and Inequality on Poverty in India
  • Summary and Conclusions

Chapter-5 Healthcare takes Centre Stage, Finally!

  • Introduction
  • Given significant Market Failures, Healthcare needs careful System Design
  • COVID-19 and India’s Healthcare Policy
  • Indian Healthcare Currently
  • Unregulated Private Enterprise in an Industry marked by High Level of Market Failure
  • Information Asymmetry in India’s Private Insurance Markets
  • Telemedicine
  • Conclusion and Policy Suggestions

Chapter-6 Process Reforms

  • The Problem of Regulatory Effectiveness
  • The Inevitability of Incomplete Regulations
  • The Problem of Regulatory Default
  • Solving for Discretion
  • Direction of Administrative Process Reforms

Chapter-7 Regulatory Forbearance an emergency medicine, not staple diet!

  • Introduction
  • The Original Sin: The Seven-Year Forbearance!
  • Cost of Extended Forbearance Versus Early Resolution of Banking Crises:International Evidence
  • Adverse Impact of Forbearance on Bank Performance and Lending
  • Bank Clean-Up Without Adequate Capitalization
  • Implications for the Current Forbearance Regime

Chapter-8 Innovation: Trending Up but Needs Thrust, Especially from the Private Sector

  • Why Innovation Matters
  • How Does India Perform on Innovation?
  • India’s Innovation Performance vis-à-vis Top Ten Economies
  • Trends in India’s Innovation Performance
  • R&D Expenditure in India
  • India’s Performance on Patents and Trademarks
  • Is Indian Innovation Affected by Access to Finance?
  • Is India Effectively Translating Innovation Inputs into Innovation Outputs?
  • Policy Implications

Chapter-9 JAY Ho: Ayushman Bharat’s Jan Arogya Yojana (JAY) and Health Outcomes

  • Introduction
  • PM-JAY: Status and Progress so far
  • Public Goods, Democracies and Governance
  • PM-JAY and COVID-19
  • PM-JAY and Health Outcomes: Difference-In-Difference Estimates
  • Concluding observations

Chapter-10 The Bare Necessities

  • Introduction
  • Overall BNI
  • Drinking Water Accessibility Index
  • Sanitation Index
  • Housing Index
  • Micro-Environment Index
  • Other Facilities Index
  • Health Outcomes
  • Education Outcomes
  • Conclusion

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