(Download) EBOOK : Economic Survey 2022-23

(Download) EBOOK : Economic Survey 2022-23

Content :

Chapter 1 State of the Economy 2022-23: Recovery Complete

  • The Global Economy Battles Through a Unique Set of Challenges
  • Macroeconomic and Growth Challenges in the Indian Economy
  • India’s Economic Resilience and Growth Drivers
  • India’s Inclusive Growth
  • Outlook: 2023-24

Chapter 2 India’s Medium-term Growth Outlook: With Optimism and Hope

  • Introduction
  • Product and Capital Market Reforms
  • Reforms for New India- Sabka Saath Sabka Vikaas
  • Returns to the Economic and Structural Reforms after 2014
  • Growth Magnets in this Decade (2023-2030)

Chapter 3 Fiscal Developments: Revenue Relish

  • Introduction
  • Developments in Union Government Finances
  • Overview of State Government Finances
  • Debt Profile of the Government
  • Conclusion

Chapter 4 Monetary Management and Financial Intermediation: A Good Year

  • Monetary Developments
  • Liquidity Conditions
  • Monetary Policy Transmission
  • Developments in the G-sec Market
  • Banking Sector
  • Credit Growth Aided by a Sound Banking System and Deleveraged Corporate Sector
  • Non-Banking Financial Companies Continue to Recover
  • Progress Made Under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code
  • Development in Capital Markets
  • Other Developments
  • IFSC-GIFT City
  • Developments in the Insurance Market
  • Pension Sector
  • Outlook

Chapter 5 Prices and Inflation: Successful Tight-Rope Walking

  • Introduction
  • Domestic Retail Inflation
  • Domestic Wholesale Price Inflation
  • Fuel Price Inflation: Declining Global Crude Oil Prices
  • Convergence of WPI and CPI Inflation
  • Falling Inflationary Expectation
  • Monetary Policy Measures for Price Stability
  • Housing Prices: Recovering Housing Market after the Pandemic
  • Keeping Check on Pharmaceutical Prices
  • Conclusion

Chapter 6 Social Infrastructure and Employment: Big Tent

  • Introduction
  • Social Sector Expenditure Keeping Pace with Growing Importance of the Sector
  • Improving Human Development Parameters
  • Transformation of Aspirational Districts Programme
  • Progressing Labour Reform Measures
  • Aadhaar: The Many Achievements of the Unique Identity
  • Improving Employment Trends
  • Ensuring Quality Education for all
  • Equipping the Workforce with Employable Skills and Knowledge in Mission Mode
  • Quality and Affordable Health for all
  • Social Protection for the Rainy Day
  • Development of India’s Aspiring Rural Economy
  • Direct Benefit Transfer: a Game Changer
  • Enhancing Rural Governance for Inclusive Growth
  • Conclusion and Way Forward

Chapter 7 Climate Change and Environment: Preparing to Face the Future

  • Introduction
  • Progress on India’s Climate Action
  • Finance for Sustainable Development
  • Major Decisions at COP 27
  • India’s Initiatives at the International Stage
  • Initiatives Related to other Environmental Issues
  • Conclusion

Chapter 8 Agriculture & Food Management: From Food Security to Nutritional Security

  • Introduction
  • Record Production of Foodgrains
  • MSP to Ensure Returns Over the Cost of Production
  • Enhanced Access to Agricultural Credit
  • Farm Mechanisation- Key to Improving Productivity
  • Chemical-free India: Organic and Natural Farming
  • Other Important Initiatives in Agriculture
  • Allied Sectors: Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries Catching up in Recent Years
  • Sahakar-Se- Samriddhi: From Cooperation to Prosperity
  • Food Processing Sector-The Sunrise Sector
  • Food Security- Social & Legal Commitment to the People of the Nation
  • Conclusion

Chapter 9 Industry: Steady Recovery

  • Introduction
  • Demand Stimulus to Industrial Growth
  • Supply Response of Industry
  • Robust Growth in Bank Credit to Industry
  • Resilient FDI Inflow in Manufacturing Sector
  • Industry Groups and their Challenges
  • India’s Prospects as a Key Player in the Global Value Chain
  • Conclusion and Outlook

Chapter 10 Services: Source of Strength

  • Introduction
  • Trends in High-Frequency Indicators
  • Major Services: Sub-Sector-Wise Performance
  • Outlook

Chapter 11 External Sector: Watchful and Hopeful

  • Introduction
  • Trade Helping India Reap the Benefits of Globalised World
  • Balance of Payments in Challenging Times
  • Exchange Rates Moving in Tandem with Global Developments
  • International Investment Position: A Reflection of India’s Financial Soundness
  • Safe and Sound External Debt Situation
  • Outlook for the External Sector Caution Amidst Global Headwinds

Chapter 12 Physical and Digital Infrastructure: Lifting Potential Growth

  • Introduction
  • Government’s Vision and Approaches to Infrastructure Development in India
  • Developments in Physical Infrastructure Sectors
  • Developments in Digital Infrastructure
  • Conclusion/Outlook


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