THE GIST of Editorial for UPSC Exams : 12 JUNE 2019 (Fight fake news on Facebook (Live Mint))

Fight fake news on Facebook (Live Mint)

Mains Paper 2: Governance
Prelims level: Fake News
Mains level: Mechanism and process for curbing the fake news


  • The findings were made public as part of the 2019 CIGI-Ipsos Global Survey on Internet Security and Trust.
  • According to a new survey of internet users globally, social media companies have emerged as the top source of user distrust on the internet.
  • Seventy-five per cent of those surveyed cited Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms for their lack of trust.
  • Facebook was the most commonly cited source of fake news.

Analysing the data

  • Seventy-seven per cent of the users on the social media platform said they came across fake news on the website, followed by 62% in case of Twitter and 74% for other social media users.
  • Nine per cent of users on Facebook said they closed their accounts in the past year as a result of fake news.
  • The survey says that in India, 14% closed their accounts in the past year on account of fake news.
  • The findings were made public as part of the 2019 CIGI-Ipsos Global Survey on Internet Security and Trust.

Measures needed to be taken

  • It’s evident that despite Facebook’s efforts to curb the spread of misinformation, the perception among users of the platform in this context is not favourable.
  • Measures such as disrupting economic incentives, building products to tackle the issue and helping users make informed decisions when they come across fake news have their own place.
  • But before blaming the company for the state of affairs, one must also consider the fact that it’s quite arguably the most popular social media platform in the world, and thus an easy target for those who wish to benefit from false propaganda or by swaying public opinion.


Prelims Questions:

Q.1) Which of the following is/are correct with reference to National Small Savings Fund (NSSF)?
1. Its components include Postal deposits and Social Security Scheme's savings.
2. It forms the part of the Public Accounts of India.

Select the correct answer using the code given below.
(a) 1 only
(b) 2 only
(c) Both 1 and 2
(d) Neither 1 nor 2

Answer: C
Mains Questions:

Q.1) What are the measures needed to be taken by the government to curb the fake news among social media platform?


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