Ripex-2017: Environment for UPSC Exams

Environment for UPSC Exams

Ripex-2017: Environment for UPSC Exams


  • The study Ripex 2017 is being conducted by a team of scientists at Space Applications Centre, ISRO Ahmedabad, along with Drishti Lifesaving, a private agency appointed by the state tourism ministry to maintain a lifeguard force.
  • The study is for studying the phenomenon of 'killer rip tides'. Rip tides are one of the most common causes for drowning in the shallow waters off Goa's popular coastline. 
  • A rip tide is a strong sea current which pulls the water away from the shore, often catching unawares swimmers and people enjoying the sea in the shallows and can drag them into the sea. 
  • This is the first study of its kind being carried out in India by ISRO
  • Warnings and studies generated by systems like RIPEX are critical to augment the services of lifeguards and enable them to pre-empt an incident.

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