UPSC Interview by Chethan AIR-945 CSE 2013 (Manbir Singh Board)

UPSC Interview by Chethan (Manbir Singh Board)

This was my 2nd interview and was also my 2nd attempt in UPSC exam. In my 1st interview in 2013 I could not make it to the final list, but gracefully I have made it in the 2nd attempt. I had my interview on 5th June 2014 and that was the last of this year’s interview. One bad thing about this was that I had to wait for more than two and half months for my interview after my Mains result and the good thing about this was that the final results were out within one week after my interview was over i.e, on 12th June 2014.

I already told you that my interview was on last day, it was not only last day but also the last session. My interview was in the afternoon session. Since it was the last day and the last session, the board members were doing their job in an accelerated manner and my interview was just for around 20 minutes.

Here is the transcript of my interview.

  • Board : Manbir Singh
  • Date: 5th June 2014
  • Time: Around 3.40 PM to 4.00 PM

Manbir Singh Sir :

1. What are the provisions of the Food Security Act(FSA)?
2. Govt is spending a lot on FSA, instead the same money can be spent for providing education and employment to the people and thereby we can empower them to earn their own food. What is your view on this? Is the FSA necessary?

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Member 1:

1. What are the pros and cons of a nuclear family?
2. What is your view regarding physical punishment to children in schools, Should teachers give punishment or not?

Member 2:

1. Tell me good and bad things about migration?
2. Where do you draw the line to stop migration?
3. What will you do to stop migration?
4. If you are asked to give two suggestions to Finance Minister for his budget this year what suggestions do you give?

Member 3:

1. In recent days everyone, starting from experts to media, are comparing India with China. Why do you think is this so?
2. Why not compare with other developed countries like USA or UK? Why only with China?
3. What do you think, Should we compete or Cooperate with China?
4. What are the issues between India and China?
5. What is the budgetary defence allocation of China as % of its GDP?

Member 4:

1. Have you heard about Robin Hood? He does all illegal things like extortion, dacoity etc, but not for himself but for the welfare the local people. What is your view on this? Should it be allowed or not?
2. How do you stop him from doing this?
3. You are a manager of a Football team. There is a match and there is a star player in the opposite team. You are sure that if you make sure that he does not play the match, then you will win that match. So would you ask your player to injure him and keep him off the ground so that you can win the match?

Courtesy: Chethan Blog

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