UPSC Interview by Santosh Pandey (A. P. Singh Board)

UPSC Interview by Santosh Pandey (A. P. Singh Board)

Name: Santosh Pandey

Date: 12th of April

Session: Forenoon

Serial Order: 3rd

Board: A. P. Singh

Qualification: Engineer

CHAIR: why did you leave your bpcl job?
me: i wanted to prepare for civil service exam

CHAIR: but it was a good job, left for uncertain future
me: I tried preparing while in job fr some month, bt i realised i was not doing justice either to my goal r my dream, added this with i was sure and confident i will clear it. (he looked into my eyes)

C: where are you from reading my address
me: jharkhand

C: originally? i guess r father works there..
me: u r correct sir..i belong to bihar.

C: district
me: arra

M1: BEING AN OUTSIDER how do you see creation of telangana
me: creation of state just fr the sake of it will nt solve anything,our goal shud be good and effective governance. states creation leads to undue cost of administration whic is bore by people.

M1:BT ppl want state
me: ppl want governance ,transparent ,corruption free, participation ,etc i feel present constitution has enough provision to solve backwarness of a region ,eg ART 371 ,74 ,73 CCA, first implement them ,give power to ppl, stake holder ,participatory governance if again there is ademand then look into creating states

M1:BT telanaga ppl say CM is frm seemandhara region
me:sir that shud be nt the issue ,,the issue shud be devolution of power frm CM ro below level,gandhian view,give power to ppl,

M1: BT no dev in telangaana
me: this is bcz no accountability at the top and middle,state wud nt bring any new accountability...etc

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M1: YOU MENTIONED u read Swami Vivekananda work..what was his main idea
me:universal acceptance ,divinity of man and a novel concept of ""daridranarayan""...sir it means we can serve god my serving poor...swamiji died eraly bt gandhiji carried this idea frwd and did unparalled service to nation and humanity..this inspires me

M2: OK U worked in bpcl
how much crude produced everyday in world?
me: exact figure i don't know.

ME: sir, i don't know the name of person bt i knw the concept...

m2: plz tell
me: explained nicely

m2: will we reached in r life when oil will go out?
me; no sir

m2 : ?
me: bcz new technology and new resources coming in every day..

m2: what is the share of renewable energy in india
me: sir less that 20%

m2: it is very less than that
me: ok sir,

m2: why do we import crude
me: expl

m2: do we export petroleum ppdt
me: yes

m2: ?
me: because extra refined above our consumption need

m2: is it beneficial
me: yes bcz it offsets the CAD which increases bcz of import of crude,we have compititiveness in refining bcz of labour cos ,etc we must use it.

m2: what is total refining
me: 215mmpta

m2: it is a bit more that that 230
me: ok sir.

m2: how do transport different products in pipeline
me: exp

m2: where does water come frm in mumbai refinery?
me: no idea sir

m2: is cooking in refinery done on lpg
me: most probably,bt nt sure sir ,i havent been inside ..

m2: nit warangal is top college, must have got good rank
me: yes sir..

m2: campus placement r gate..u need to top to get placed
me: campus placement

m2: looking at my percentages. what r rank (90,88,85)
me: around 7-10 ..i don't recall exactly

m3: hat is federalism
me: exp in one line

m3: nit v/s rec hat is the change
me: expl

m3: hich list is education
me: concurrent

m3: have you studies pub fin
me: yes a bit

m3: deficit financing ,external brroing expl hich is better
m2e: expl

m4: do you kn hat is happening to currency in last to months
me: yes ,,it appreciating, but last to years depriciatioing

m4: why?
me: cad, otflo of cap, inflation

m4: is it good for economy
me: no

m4: why?
me: we are importing nation

m4: ho?
me: expl

m4: can it happ our currency appr and depr at a same time
me : yes ,,expl hypothetically taking three currency ,to deprciating at diif rate comapred to the third..

m4: haat e did in 1990
me: neoliberal policy, marked led ,private led etc

m4:what excatly it means wat then he showed with his hand i said opening up ..

m4 yes..ok

C: why do we celebrate republic day
me: because of constitution..

c: you are correct relied to constitution, but not exactly, constitution was enforced that day
me : enthusiastically yes sir,

c: tell me FR
me: defined ,ask shall enumerate them

c: yes if you can
me: named few

c :what is dpsp
me: defined and started quoting this time watever came to my mind then.. after 4 r 5 dpsps i said uniform civil code,

c : u may go

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