(Interview) UPSC Interview By Siddharth M (Prof. David R Syiemlieh Board)

UPSC Interview By Siddharth M (Prof. David R Syiemlieh Board)

Name: Siddharth M

Optional: English Lit.

Interview Date: 17-05-2015

I was allotted Prof. David R Syiemlieh board.After documents verification I headed to waiting hall.Little bit fear was bit obvious,water was not crossing the throat..I normalised myself and took magazine After two hours of wait I was called in at 1340hours Got into the room...wished chairman and board members..I was calm n comfortable little shivering

C- So you all ready had been interviewed earlier by UPSC?
Me-yes Sir

C-what are your choice for services

C-why IPS as it is getting tougher day by day?
Me- my dad is serving IPS...and basic reason is that I have always charm for Uniform.There is a respect attached to your rank uniform and position. People treat you with a huge amount of trust they expect that justice will definitely be received here. They are positive that there is someone who is going to solve their problems. That is the kind of trust they have in you and that trust is big thing Mere in 29-30 age you are leading more than 5000 men and you are leader whose responsibility is to keep their safety on the top priority and security of district with population of more than lakhs

C- which is most important quality a police man must have?
Me-Discipline and problem solving skill.

C- Please elaborate
Me-gave few examples

C- . What are the qualities your father as a police man gives you?
Me: Sir, discipline, punctuality ....he interrupted in between...and extended me to lmember 2 and gave smile

C- what r the best ways to develop self discipline according to u?
Me- Start by picking small easy things and try doing them for a set period of time. As you accomplish them, build up to things that are harder for you to do. When you get to the point where you are not able to achieve the thing you are working toward doing sit back take a deep breath and look long hard and honestly at why you are not getting there. mental strength keeps getting stronger as you train it. It takes time. Thats why to build a habit it takes over 30-40 days But once you can build or change a habit it gets easier to change another.

Chairman laughed and said that still he is trying to be disciplined.Good points u gave
I nodded with Smile.

C- 1st Sanik School then NDA, Then private pilot then u acquired helicopter pilot license, then again CDS n CAPF then instructor at ur flying school now Civil services, What is all mess up with u? Why so fickle?
Do you like mix-veg or trying to be genius ?
Me - (most challenging question )
I replied this question astutely
But still he was not satiated

M1- which newspaper do u read?
Me- The Hindu & HT

M1- what was Arab Spring..why Mohammad Morsy got death sentence with his 105 supports despite of Egypt's freely elected president ?
Me-Gave brief history n current situation

M1- what were the bills passed by the Parliament in this session?
Me- LAAR, black money, GST

M1- do you think black money can be bring back by govt?
Me- I explained in my words...

M1-what is Scotland peaceful revolution ?
Me- I told him as it was related to recent UK elections.Scottish National Party SNP won 56 of Scotland’s 59 constituencies reducing the dominant Labour Party north of the border from 41 seats at the previous election to a single seat.

M1-Do u think its mixture of public anger and disappointment exists towards Labour in Scotland that has built up over decades?
Me- Gave

M1- what are the conditions for recognition of national and state party?
A- For national party
If it secures 6% of valid votes polled in any 4 or more states in GE of LS or inLA
If it wins 2 % of of seats in LS
If it recognised as state party in four states

Told for state party too

M1- how many national parties are there
Me- approx 6 or 7

M1- Tell me right number
Me- sir 7

M1- which party is majority in Bihar ?
Me- no party is in majority as Bihar govt is alliance of JDU and RJD

M1- who is Father of all- India services in constituent assembly
Me- VB Patel

M1- are u sure
Me- 100% sure

M2-are u working Siddharth ?
Me- yes Sir part time
I m instructor at MP flying club
Take few flying classes along with navigation and Radio aids.

M2- it seems you complete your PPL and HPL
Why didn't u continued ur carrier as a pilot with good money and position?
Why IPS? ( Most frequent question of my all interviews )
Me- Gave answer and convinced him

M2- from where u did ur licences ?
Me- PPL- mp flying Indore
HPL- Pawan hans Mumbai

M2- explain your 1st solo hop( Flight )
Me- explain my first solo in Cessna 172 single engine

M2-Why do we sometimes see water being sprayed over aircrafts?
Me- Sir it's called water salute

For a new airline company operating out of the airport for the first time.
A new airplane operating commercially for the first time

If the Captain of the airplane or an ATC member is retiring.

If the airline is closing down the route and its the last flight of that airline from that particular airport

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M2-What is Flight Service Station and an Air Traffic Controller
Me- I know ATC so I told But have few info about FSS as it z US based

M2-Why India is lagging in jet engine technology why can't we make powerful jet engines
What is wrong with Cauvery engine of LCA?
Me- I elaborated him the points like superior tech infra Less budget for RnD Patent issues Not quality techies n education N more

M2- what is CRGO
Me- after thinking
Sorry sir I don't know

M2-it's cold rolled gain oriented steel used to make turbine engine blades

M2-Why do we not receive mobile signal when flying in a plane?

M2-How do horizontal and vertical stabilizers maintain level flight?
Me- I told their functions to him

M2-what is thrust to weight ratio?
Me-if an engine produces thrust more than the vehicle weighs it can overcome gravity and accelerate when pointed straight up.this capacity is called T2W ratio

M2- do any transport aircraft have this capacity ?
Me-it's impossible sir
It is only in fighter aircrafts like

F-15 strike eagle
MiG-29 fulcrum, Mig35 OVT

M2- your favourite jet n why?
Me- F-22 raptor n told all about that

M2-do u heard about Sukhoi berkut?
Me-yes sir it was prototype FJ of Sukhoi corp

M2-why it was in news?
Me- no idea sir

M3 gave me 2 cases studies one by one to solve

He asked me about United Nations origin
Peace keeping forces
International court of justice
And Amnesty International

M3- why MP is underdeveloped, What are the main problem of your state and VYAPAM scam?
Me- I told him all as I practiced this question in my mock interview sessions

M3- what are gilt edged securities ?
Me- I don't know sir ( I knew that answer but during course of time not clicked in mind )

M3-(random question)
Tell me name of some Girish Karnad plays ?
Me- no idea sir

M3- (random question)
Tell me about Shivaji administration and Astapradhanas ?
Me- Shivaji was an autocrat like any one other ruler of his time he however ensure that he did not misuse the great power vested in him. He had a council of 8 ministers, the Ashta Pradhan who assisted and was a kind of advisory council.

Peshwa- Prime Minister
Amatya- Finance Minister
Mantri - Chronicler who kept a daily account of court
amant- Foreign Secretary who advised the king on all matters of war
Senapati- army commander
Nyayadish- Chief Justice
Pandit Rao - religious chief
Sachiv- Home Secretary

M3- what was chauth n sardeshmukhi
Me- chautha which was 1/4th of the territory's income and Sardeshmukhi which was an additional 10% levy on the chauth as a tribute to the ruler.

M3- which technique make Shivaji invincible ?
Me- guerrilla warfare

M4- how El- Nino system works
Me- In the Pacific Ocean the water closest to the equator is warmed by the sun That warm surface water helps to create more clouds which in turn dump rain over wherever they happen to be.Most of the time the wind over the ocean blows from east to west due to the spinning of the Earth

M4- El Niño system happens every year
Me- sir it usually happens in 4-6 years

M4-which was hottest year on record due to El Niño?
M4-no its2010

M4- which is fastest supercomputer of the world
Me- blue jean

M4- no
It's Tianhe-2 of China
Me-sorry Sir

M4-what is difference between  Cruise missile and ballistic missile
Me-A ballistic missile is launched directly into the high layers of the earth's atmosphere. It travels well outside the atmosphere and then the warhead detaches and falls back to earth. It follows the path of a ball thrown upwards which falls down. Since it depends on gravity to reach its target, it's called a ballistic missile. A cruise missile does exactly what its name says. It cruises over land or over water. Its working is similar to a jet engine powered airplane.

What is

Me- subsonic - less than speed of sound
Supersonic - speed greater than sound
Hypersonic - above 5 Mach
Infrasonic - frequency Less than audible sound

M4- had hypersonic speed ever achieved yet?
Me- no idea sir

M4- yes it is achieved by x-15 rocket plane space Shuttle orbiter

M4- you practicing Kriya yoga?
Tell me about it?
Me-Kriya means action and Yoga means integration. Kriya Yoga emphasises integration of separative consciousness with an awakenedness
that is a non-elective holistic attention free from mental fragmentations through actions of perception and not through the activities of conceptualisation.It was 1st propounded by Lahri Mahashay of Varanasi.

Member 4 asked me about the problem of naxal areas n lower Muslim areas...gave case study

Chairman- Thank u Siddharth
You may go now

Me- thank you sir

Have a nice day

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