UPSC Geo-Scientist and Geologist Exam Papers 2019 : Chemistry Paper - I

(Download) UPSC: Geologist Examination Papers-2019

Exam Name : UPSC Geo-Scientist and Geologist Exam 2019

Subject : Chemistry Paper - I

Year : 2019

Paper - I

ITime Allowed : Three Hours

Maximum Marks : 200



1. Answer all of the Following: 5x10=50 

1.(a) Complete the following reaction and balance it by ion-electron method : MnO4 + Fe2+ + H+--→ 

1.(b) Carbon-14 is radioactive and beta-emitter while carbon-12 is not radioactive. Justify. 

1.(C) Illustrate diagonal relationship with an appropriate example. 

1.(d) Although H3PO4 is viscous it exhibits large electrical conductivity. Why?

1.(e) Fe2+ is more easily oxidized to Fe3+ while Mn2+ to Mn3+ is not. Why? 

1.(f) Br2 melts at 7.2°C whereas ICl melts at 272°C. Explain. 

1.(g) The dipole moment of CO is merely 0.12 D although electronegativity difference between C and O is large. Why? 

1.(h) The strength of HF would increase with concentration. Explain. 

1.(i) The electrical conductance of semiconductor increases with temperature unlike those of metals. Why?

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