(Getting Started) Detailed Roadmap for GS (Pre.) - "Environment, Bio-Diversity, Climate Change & General Science"

Environment, Bio-Diversity, Climate Change & General Science

In the preceding article, we discussed the significance and strategy for Economy and Social Development. Now, another topic that often overlaps with the issues of social development, is Environment, Biodiversity and Climate Change.

This issue has gained prominence lately. Since the concerns towards the environmental issues have become visible in the global discourses, UPSC expects the aspirants to have an understanding of the various issues related to the environment and biodiversity.

In the recent past, questions have been asked on various international conventions on climate change and biodiversity. Since Indian government has been taking a keen interest in the climate issue, there are many developments in the field. Thus, a candidate must understand the various developmental aspects and the major initiatives.

It is important to make an intelligent study of these topics. Since there is a lot of information available on these topics, you must first analyze what is to be read.

In Chemistry, important minerals and their ores, are important. Questions are generally asked about the economically significant ores.

Similarly, Biology has some important segments from which atleast one question is asked every year. You will find one or two questions relating to the distribution of flora and fauna, in India or the world. Thus, you might read the respective topics carefully. However, if you really find it difficult to read and remember about the trivial details of some topics, you might choose to skip them, but only if you have made a better grip on other topics.

Another important segment of the science and technology relates to the developments in the field of IT, Space, Defense, Nuclear Power, Biotechnology etc. However, a candidate should focus on the application of these topics, instead of mugging up about the theory associated. It is in this context that aspirants from every background are placed on an equal footing.

GS Foundation Course (PT+ MAINS) for IAS EXAM

सामान्य अध्ययन (GS) फ़ाउनडेशन कोर्स (Foundation Course) PT + Mains, HINDI Medium

See Books on Science, Environment and Climate Change

If we look at the IAS (Pre.) GS 2013, there were 13 questions from the Science section. Interestingly, a majority of these 13 questions were asked from Biology section. Thus, the candidates should focus on Biology section more, while putting lesser effort for the traditional theories of physics and chemistry.

Express Points:

  1. Prepare the Science and Environment section from the point of view of the IAS (Pre) Exam. Do not attempt to attain advanced study for the topics, otherwise you might end up wasting a lot of time.
  2. Keep an eye on the current affairs in the world of science and technology. It is the main center from where questions are being asked.
  3. Biology, Environment and Climate are the areas to focus.

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