(Getting Started) Detailed Roadmap for GS (Pre.) - "Economic and Social Development"

Detailed Roadmap for GS (Pre.)

:: Economic and Social Development ::

In the last issues, IASEXAMPORTAL discussed the strategy to deal with Polity and Governance, and the issues one needs to focus on. Now we present an analysis of the Economic and Social Development section.

This part includes issues from- 'sustainable development, poverty, inclusion, demographics, social sector initiatives, etc'. Thus, the scope of this part of the syllabus is fairly vast. However, the nature of the topics in this portion is not hard to understand. Thus, you should study about these topics.

However, some of the aspirants find it difficult to study about the complex economic concepts. Therefore, a rational approach is to avoid getting involved excessively in the conceptual part of economics. Instead, a candidate should focus on the application and impact of the economic decisions on the society, particularly in the context of India. For instance, instead of reading about the theory of Human Development Index, one must read about the recent trends in the sphere.

The role of functions of the World Bank, IMF, WTO, Asian Development Bank, UNO etc, should be given a special focus, as these topics have gained prominence in the recent years.

GS Foundation Course (PT+ MAINS) for IAS EXAM

सामान्य अध्ययन (GS) फ़ाउनडेशन कोर्स (Foundation Course) PT + Mains, HINDI Medium

In IAS Prelims of 2013, out of the 18 questions asked from Economy and Social Development, 7 came from the topic- Banking and allied topics; 5 from GDP and related concepts; and 3 each from Inflation and Foreign Trade.


See books on Economy and Social Development

Express Points:

  1. Do not fall deep into the Trench of Facts and Data. Your understanding and conceptual clarity matters more than your date retention capacity.
  2. Before going into the complex issues, read the NCERT books to gain a basic understanding of economic concepts.
  3. Read about the major events and agreements of the recent years.

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