(Getting Started) NCERT and NIOS Books for UPSC, IAS Preparations

NCERT and NIOS Books for UPSC, IAS Preparations

There is a great hype about the NCERT and NIOS books, for the preparations of the civil services examination. While everyone suggests the aspirants to read the NCERT and NIOS books, no one take the effort to explain, to the candidate, how to read these books. Therefore, IASEXAMPORTAL presents an analysis of these books, and a rational strategy to deal with them.

Indeed, these books are helpful for starting with the civil services, as these provide the aspirant with easy to understand language and graphic illustrations. Understanding any concept from the NCERT and NIOS books becomes an easy task. Since these books are generally compiled for the school students, the level of complexity is kept to a minimal level. Thus, a mature person, preparing for the IAS exam, is able to comprehend the ideas and facts given in the books.

However, it is important to learn about how to study the NCERT and NIOS books, from civil services exam point of view. The main aim, with which these books are recommended to the civil services aspirants, is to gain a comprehensive idea about he various issues and concepts, that form the foundation of the various disciplines.

Since the content of these books provide a bird's eye view of the various concepts, one must not rely on these books entirely. Instead, these should be used with an aim of forming a broad understanding of the concepts and topics, covered under the civil services syllabus. For a good preparation, you must complement the content given in the NCERT and NIOS material, with other resources. Given the level of the civil services examination, it is necessary to develop a knowledge base, higher than the standards of the NCERT and NIOS books.

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List of NCERT Books for IAS UPSC Exams

The purpose of these books is to guide in your initial stages. Ones you are comfortable with the various concepts of the different disciplines, you must shift your attention to the richer study material. However, this does not imply that your study of these books should be cursory. While reading such books, you must give attention to the various concepts and terms discussed. Since the level of complexity is not much, you would be able to find the concept, defined and discussed in a very crisp and concise language. Thus, you must be able to get a thorough understanding of all the relevant topics and issues mentioned in these books.

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Express Points:
  1. NCERT and NIOS Books are meant to build your foundation, rather than as a main source material for the exams. Thus, first build your base in different disciplines, and then move on to other material.
  2. Study these books Carefully and slowly, as the starting process is the most important one. Carefully read and understand the different concepts.
  3. These books are not entirely reliable, as they are not comprehensive, and upto the mark, from the IAS exam perspective. Thus, you should complement the knowledge given in these books, with other study materials.
  4. it is not necessary to study both- NCERT and NIOS - books for each subject. Reading a single source for your starting shall suffice.

Old Vs. New NCERT: Why the Confusion??

Many of the aspirant are confused about whether to read the old or the new NCERT books. There is a need to understand the fact that both the sources are good, and would suffice your goal. However, the old NCERT are generally more rich in content and description, but less appealing in terms of colors and pictures! The New NCERT books, on the other hand, are made more colorful and attractive. However, many of the topics in the new NCERT have been discarded owing to the changing syllabus and political controversies.

However, a candidate should not bother much about the reliability of the NCERT books. Generally, both- New as well as Old- NCERT would effectively help you in preparing for the civil services. Thus, do not waste your time in reading both the books back-to-back. Instead, build your foundations and proceed to the next stage of preparations.

Moreover, you must take what is readily available in the market. The old NCERT books are generally out of stock, and thus unavailable. Therefore, instead of searching the markets for the old books, it is better to go the ones that are easily available.

IASEXAMPORTAL has also provided for the free soft copies of the NCERT and NIOS, to the aspirants. So, please make use of the opportunity and prepare well.

We wish the candidates All the Best!!



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