Motivational Article : UPSC Exam is Near, Don't Fear

Motivational Article : UPSC Exam is Near, Don't Fear!

UPSC prelims is only few days away and your preparation must be going in full flow with lots and lots of hours of study and question paper practice. However as the exams come closer and closer anxiety and fear about the exams also increases, but we would like to tell you that this is not the time to fear of become anxious. This is a time to keep yourself focused on the job at hand. Keep in mind that lot of people study for this exam and some of them study the same things but only few of them go through. Important reason for this is that they are able to handle the pressure lot better. 

UPSC exam is like no other job or study, here you get the reward only after one year. You have been studying day and night from a long time and take this exam as an opportunity to take reward for your hard work of last months, years etc. In all the other jobs mnthly or sometimes daily reward is there but in this exam only yearly reward is there. So always keep in mind that exam day is an opportunity to show your knowledge and not a pressure point.

It is a really beautiful dream to have, to crack the exams and reach the best services which you always wanted to take. And also it is quite easy to assume a lot of pressure about the exam since the competition is severe and the number of people taking it is no less either. But you also have to remember that people are getting through this exam and if they can do it you can also do it. Try to differentiate between a dream and a vision, dreams are those which are vanished as soon as you will open your eyes. However visions have strategies, plans, contingencies etc. etc. So going into the services is not your dream its your vision and dreams break but visions are generally fullfilled.

IAS EXAM PORTAL wishes you best of luck! and challenge you to give your best till date in next one month.

Always keep in mind good athlete is not who starts well, it is who finishes well.