(Getting Started) Is A Test Series Must For UPSC Mains?

(Getting Started) Is A Test Series Must For UPSC Mains?

One of the toughest competitive examinations held across the country each year is the UPSC Civil Services Exams. The limited vacancies, the unpredictability of the questions set, and the vast scope of the upsc syllabus makes it difficult for aspirants to structure their preparation. IAS Topper’s over the years have said that joining a test series is one of the first steps towards cracking the exam as it helps one cover the ask of the exam exhaustively.

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Importance of A Mains Test Series

Helps Cover The Complete Syllabus

Initially, one look at the syllabus for UPSC Civil Services and one might get very overwhelmed. The sheer scope and depth of the subjects covered can be intimidating. However, with the proper planning and guidance, it can be easily completed in a 10 to 18 months span. For this guidance, especially for self-studying aspirants, a test series is key as it breaks down the vast syllabus into short-term goals. Not only that, it schedules regular revisions as well.

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UPSC Civil Services Has A Vast Syllabus

Analysis of Your Strengths And Weaknesses

A test series also allows you to gauge your strengths and weaknesses. Often, we have preconceived notions about which parts of the syllabus we have a better grip over and which needs work. A test series allows you to test that theory out. Depending on the results, you can devote more time to the portions that need more effort, while lightly polishing those that are already well-cooked. This will elevate your overall performance.

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Improved Writing Skills

Writing is the core of your UPSC Civil Services Mains Examination. No matter how much knowledge you have gathered, unless you can put it on paper coherently, within the required page limit, you will not score enough to qualify mains. Writing a test series allows you to not only practice your answer writing but also get feedback from experts in the field; feedback that you can utilize to better your answers. In the long-term, this will help you score better than most other aspirants.

Time Management Strategy

Toppers across years have mentioned how important it is to manage your time when writing a mains paper. Many say they missed being on the final list in their previous attempts simply because they could not complete their papers. Writing a mains test series will allow you to understand how much time to designate to each question to comfortably complete your paper.

So Should You join A Mains Test Series?

If experts in the field and previous upsc toppers are to be believed, absolutely! Joining a test series is crucial towards performing well in the mains examination. And even if you only choose to self-study, and even self-evaluate, at least attempting a test series on your own is undoubtedly the most important step in your preparation. Not only will it help you in ways we have discussed already, but it also allows you to judge the competition, and keep yourself updated on the hot topics of the year. This ensures you are not lagging behind your competitors in any manner. Overall, a mains test series is a must if you want to see your name on the final list.


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