(Motivational) Did not clear UPSC Pre Exam? Read this Article

(Motivational) Did not clear UPSC Pre Exam? Read this Article

“When life gives you lemons make a lemonade out of it” you must have heard it multiple times and it might not give a spark of change in you. You might have also ended up with a lot of videos and motivational movies like Bhag Milkha Bhag, Many of you must have also attended lectures , had counseling sessions with friends, teachers , parents and well wishers. Some of you must have read novels and the upsc topper success stories and all of this might have had a little effect on you albeit a temporary effect. “Defeat pr defeat , defeat par defeat and haar par haar” must have made you defensive and indifferent to all of the above sources, this is especially for the ones who must have made multiple attempts with one of the world’s most toughest exam and still failed to clear all the stages of a 3 round process.

We are left with lamentation, a sense of defeat and a sense of being a loser once we fail to make it to our goal despite making ample efforts and leaving no stone unturned. The luck plays sometimes and we’re left to ponder if there was something more that we could have done. Many a times we are left with no answer. It makes us angry when someone says that you didn’t follow so and so book, you forgot to do so and so. This goes on for a few weeks to month. Nothing seems to inspire us. It is at this time we ought to look inwards and go “Antarmuka” instead of “Bahir mukha” .

Krishna in Bhagavad Gita says that “I am seated in everyone’s heart - sarvasya caham hrdi sannivisto” One might argue that one is atheist and is not a believer in what is written in these books, never mind you must have sung or heard an amazing  prayer in your school which asks you to bow to yourself before you bow to someone else “Doosro ki jai se pehle khud ko jaya Karen – Humko man ki shakti dena….”. This is the time when we ought not think low of ourselves, This is the time to not think of one’s negatives , we ought to think and hear positive about oneself – Think of yourself as someone small as an ant but make sure that you don’t forget the potential of an ant in putting mighty elephant into trouble when the same ant moves around in trunk.

On a note towards the practical things one must go for a change in lifestyle for a temporary period to get out of a low state just to get back reinvigorated. One might even have to forget about the stuff we’re dealing with for a few weeks in case the stigma is quite high. This is not to induce casualty but to prepare oneself for the next big fight. Remember that you’re not defeated until you give up. It’s easier said than done but the fruits are not the object of our hard work but the work and knowledge must be treated as an end in itself, This is what is the essence of “Karmanye Vadhikaraste maa phaleshu kadachana…” We can’t anything for the things which are beyond our control but we must not stop doing what is apprehensible and doable.

The ones who step in for UPSC preparation must do the cost benefit analysis before making up mind for this exam. They must make sure and convince themselves of their ability of perseverance, patience and optimism. Even if one of these elements is found to be lacking they must try to develop these traits before anything else or develop them as they advance in their preparation by continuously keeping in mind that the game is not about jumping over the chasm but walking through it. Try to enjoy what you do even if things turn out to be difficult. The one’s in initial stages of preparation must also try to learn from the experiences of the ones who’ve already made an attempt or two and try to learn from their mistakes and successes so as to not make those same mistakes. Well, you might argue that this is something you’re getting from an external source while the article talks about internal source of wisdom. Trust me you have it all within and this is something that one discovers with experience, all it requires is poking sometimes and this is what I endeavour to do

Remember that Mahabharat would not have been possible if Arjuna were to keep lamenting and being helpless, Before revealing His cosmic form and the Parmatma gyan , Arjuna was taught the lesson about Atma-gyan the knowledge about oneself and one’s duties. Think of yourself as Arjuna and follow the dictum of Krishna – “nanu socanti panditah – The learned men do not lament”.  

You’ll find ample motivation within yourself and you will no longer have to look outside. Apply the gel of time on your wounds and let them heal.

Best of Luck.

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