Haryana PSC MAINS Papers 2014 : English and English Essay


Haryana PSC MAINS Papers-2014


English and English Essay (Cod e-24)

Time: 3 Hours                                                                                                                                                     M.M.: 100
Note: All questions are compulsory .The number of marks carriedby each question is indicated at the end of
the question . Clearly mention the question number and part number before attempting. The parts of the same
question mustbe answeredtogetherandmustnotbe interposedbetween answers to other questions.
Q. I Make a precis of the following passage. Also assign a suitable title to it.
                                                                                                                                                                                 Marks :20
Humans are social creatures. They crave for communication with their fellow beings. Communication started
with oral interaction. Writing as a skill developed at alater stage as man took time to get mature enough to
express himself / herself using the written channel of communication. Hence, writing is a skill that required
growth, which comes with training, experience and practice.
ln the present age where communication is considered as key to success in personal, social and professional
life, writing is the major skill one should master. Writing requires all the language skills - listening, speaking
and reading-to get used to it. In your dayto-day working you coilrmunicate through writing letters,
applications, reports, E-mails, SMS, etc. All these types of writings require a certain amount of qualities
which you should possess as a writer. If you wanfto be a good writer or would like to become a better one,
there are plenty of things you can do to improve and become better at communicating via the written medium.
To achieve this aim you should read a lot, write everyday, and interact with people to broaden your horizon by
knowing their ideas, learn some rules of writing, use imagination, enrich your expression and brainstorm
yourself to develop creative writing. At the same time, you should be aware that the style of writing changes
with time, although it may not change as frequently as fashions. The current nend today is plain English,
which is clear, concise, direct, unambiguous andfluent.
Q. 2 Read the following passage carefully and answer in your words the questions that follow:      Marks : 20
Globalisation is gradually creeping into every nook and corner of the world, but the ghost of brain drain still
continues to haunt India as talented young students continue to go abroad every year for education, as well as
for employment opportunities. IINESCO report in1969, definedbrain drain as " an abnormal form of
scientific exchange between countries, characterized by a one-way flow in favour of the most highly
developed countries". Even after many years. the definition of brain drain has not changed much as the
talented students are still leaving developing countries in pursuit of greener pastures in the developed nation.
India has become the outsourcing hub of the world, whete all international companies are setting up their
shops. But this outsourcing is, more or less, a kind of brain drain for those who cannot find good job
oppbrnrnities in India and have to travel abroad in search of better job profiles. More than 25 percent of the
medical staffinAmerica and Britain consists of doctors, who attended medical school elsewhere. These are
the same students who got trained in lndia, Pakistan or China and have now moved abroad for better
opportunities. In the year 2008, maximum students going to the United States ofAmerica to study were from
India. Most of these students, after finishing their education, get recruited and more often than not settle in
abroad. But still brain drain continues to be a cause of worry for India, for we are getting used to thousands of
students going abroad every year for education. Former Indian President, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam said that
reverse brain drain will have to begin iflndia is to become a developed nation in the future.
1. What is brain drain?
2. Is brain drain still affecting India?
3. tn what way has the definition ofbrain drain not changed for India?
4. Give meanings ofthe following words and use them in the sentences
a)hub b)haunt c)greenerpastures d)recruited e)outsourcing
24tCSn4 1. Cont.
Q. 3 Write an Essay in about 300 words on any oNE of the following topics :                                           Marks : 30
a) Film Censorship in India
b) Pollution Menace
c) Morning shows the daY
d) "The Child is father of the Man"
Q.4 Substitute a SINGLE word for the group of words given below:                                                            Marks : 5
a) One who believes in the existence of God
b) One who plays a game for pleasure and not professionally
c) One who knows many languages
d) One who believes in fate
e) One who looks at the bright side of things
Q. 5 Rewrite the sentences as directed                                                                                                              Marks:5
a) "Do you want to see the museum?"
said the guide ( change into indirect speech)
b) You (telephone) for ages. You not (finish) ? '
(Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense)
c) If pedestrians (wear) light coloured clothes drivers (see) them much more easily.
(Put the verbs in brackets into the correct forms)
d) My brother was the only one Whqrgelizgd the danger.
(Replace the underlined clause by an infinitive)
e) He can drive a car
(Add a suitable question tag)
Q. 6 Make sentences with the idioms and phrases given below so as to bring out their meanings          Marks : 5
c) To the contrary
d) Crocodile tears
Q. 7 Conect the following sentences.
a) Both of the books requires careful reading.
b) Sixty minutes are enough to finish this task.
c) Each ofthese shops are doing goodbusiness.
d) Anumber of books is missing.
e) A lot of time have been wasted.
0 She is enough smart to tackle this problem.
g) He is so cunning as his sister.
h) He left the college latest of all.
I) You and I have received your lesson.
j) Whom do you think will be our next captain?
Q. 8 Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions.
I)l am waiting ---------- my friend. He will be here a minute.                                                                                  Marks : 5
ii) They succeeded escaping ----- the burning house.
iii) She made a point ----- coming late so that everyone would look ------ her.
iv) It never occured ------- me to ask him ------- his identity card.
v) A bird flew --------- the cuckoo's nest ------ a hurry.

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