Study Material on Contemporary Issues for UPSC Exams: (International Issues)

Study Material on Contemporary Issues for UPSC Exams: (International Issues)


Gilgit Baltistan: Province, No Province?

  • Link with ‘AJK’
  • Pakistan: challenges, costs
  • China: dividends
  • India: fallout, derivatives

Deployment of Central Forces in the North East: Need for a Realistic Security Audit

  • Issues of Concern
  • Way Forward

Deciphering Pakistan’s Kashmir Lexicon

  • Exploiting the Kashmir Protests
  • Pakistan’s Diplomatic Campaign
  • Pakistan’s Plans for the UN General Assembly Session
  • Pakistan’s Continued Use of Terrorism
  • Radicalisation in the Valley
  • Finance for the Protests
  • Modi’s References to Baluchistan and PoK
  • The way forward

An Assessment of President Obama’s Foreign Policy

  • Reconciliation with Cuba
  • The Iran Deal
  • Moving towards a nuclear-weapon-free and more peaceful world
  • The Arab Spring
  • Relations with Russia
  • Relations with China
  • The Palestine Question
  • Relations with India

Bringing India-Nepal ties back on track

Naga ‘Framework Agreement’ and Its Aftermath

Revival of the Russian Military: An Assessment

  • Military Modernisation and Reforms
  • Limits of the Modernisation Programme
  • Dynamics of Military Modernisation and Russia’s Foreign Policy

NSG and China’s Grand Strategic Flip-flops: Some Plausible Explanations

  • The ‘hedge’ finally takes-off
  • A power transition in the works?
  • Beijing’s dented image
  • Is a quid pro quo needed?

Why India’s South China Sea Stand Matters

Developments in PoK and the Kashmir Valley: An Analysis

  • Situation in PoK
  • ‘AJK’ and GB: Getting used to Controlled Politics?
  • About the Valley and the Pakistani connection
  • Islamic State hand behind Kashmir Protests?
  • Pakistan’s Diplomatic Blitzkrieg: Why has it failed?
  • Indian Response and Options

Whither Turkey?

Are Russia and NATO inching towards a conflict?

  • Russian and NATO Threat Perceptions
  • Russia’s Historical Anxiety
  • Brexit and the Dynamics of European Defence
  • Is a Military Confrontation Between Russia and NATO in the Offing?
  • Implications for India

China’s Growing Influence in the Caribbean

Message from the Indo-Bangladesh Border: ‘Banijya Basati Lakkhi’

Inter-State Council and Internal Security

A Security Council for the 21st Century: Challenges & Prospects

  • IGN Process: Current Status
  • Approaches/Opportunities to be leveraged
  • Role of Capitals
  • Role of the President of the General Assembly
  • Role of the Secretary-General
  • Role of the General Membership/Pro-reformers
  • Role of Civil Society
  • Political Environment in Member States
  • Concluding Thoughts: Some Key Questions

Making FDI Count in Defence

PSLV launches 20 Satellites in a Single Mission

Integrating Defence Plans with Niti Aayog’s Long Term Vision

Perception matters against Left Wing Extremism

India’s Space Security Policy: A Proposal

  • India’s Adherence to Space Norms
  • Requisites
  • Policy Viewpoint
  • Implementation

India can’t afford to ignore disaster management 

  • Warning 
  • Emergency 
  • Preparedness 

Developing disaster-proof cities

  • Rising urbanisation and growing risk
  • Urban risks and exposure
  • Identifying and mitigating risk
  • Financing the risk

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