Study Material on Contemporary Issues for UPSC Exams: (National Issues)

Study Material on Contemporary Issues for UPSC Exams: (National Issues)

:: National Issues ::

Social Justice in the Indian Context

  • Social Justice in India

  • Economic Aspects

  • Political Aspect

  • Social Aspects

Human Rights Law in India: Right to Water and Social Justice

  • The States commitment to access to water

  • Development of human rights law on right to water by the judiciary

  • Human Rights Law versus social realities in accessing the right to water

  • Challenges to the human right to water

Livelihood for the Marginalised

  • Impact of NREGS-An Overview

  • Performance of NREGS in Tamil Nadu and Kanyakumari District

Disadvantaged Sections: Processes of Continuity and Change

A Commitment to the Voluntary Sector

Utility and Governance Challenges Facing the NGO Sector

  • NGO Sector in India

  • Key governance challenges

  • Suggestions and Conclusion

Digital India vs Net Neutrality

  • Defamation is no crime

Dalit empowerment through consensus not conflict, dialogue not dominance

  • What isn’t sedition

Citadel never falls except from within

Beg, which led to the “Second Supersession” that of  Khanna who resigned — but in a blaze of glory.

Debate about the Prevention of Corruption (PC) Act

Real Interpretation of Islam

Political executive and police management must share blame for crime

Government should back CJI on idea of a Court of Appeal

  • Insufficient judges, unwilling lawyers

  • Appellate jurisdiction

  • Restore constitutional court

Article 356

Judges versus politicians

Muslim Personal Law Board

The Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill 2016

A blow for the right to knowledge

  • Not a moral right

  • For progress

  • Global implications

  • How will publishers respond?

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