Study Material on Contemporary Issues for UPSC Exams: (Science & Technology)

Study Material on Contemporary Issues for UPSC Exams: (Science & Technology)


Indian Space Programme

  • Launch Vehicles
  • Satellites

Nuclear Power Programme

  • Stage I - Pressurised Heavy Water Reactor
  • Stage II - Fast Breeder Reactor
  • Stage III - Thorium Based Reactors

National Intellectual Property Rights Policy’

  • Objectives

Technology Vision Document 2035

Nanotechnology Applications

  • Medicine
  • Electronics
  • Fuel Cells
  • Solar Cells
  • Batteries
  • Space
  • Fuels
  • Better Air Quality
  • Cleaner Water
  • Chemical Sensors
  • Sporting Goods
  • Fabric


  • Its properties

Nanoscale Diode

Caspol: The Spinoff Material from VSSC

  • Uses

Silica Aero Gel

Syn3.0 - Tiniest Life Form

Germline Editing

Genome Project-write (HGP-write)

  • The goal of HGP-write

Stem Cell Therapy


GoS for GM Pulses

GN Genome Sequenced

  • Significance to India
  • Major Growing States

GM Mustard

An Indigenized Gyroton

Made in China: An ‘Artifical Sun’

Shale Gas

New Form of Light Discovered

Google and Facebook Plans ‘Internet for AII”

RFID & GPS For Checking Pilferage

  • GOTPass: For More Secure Online Banking

Project Loon!

Open Source

Government Push

End-to-End Encryption


Bitcoin: Cryptocurrency

Light - Emitting Diode


Fly Ash

Geo-synthetic Tube Seawall Project

HVDC and Microgrids

Marine Food Chain

Floating Dam

  • Project ‘AWARE’

NEMO to Scan the Air

Eco-friendly Aerogels

Sea Level Rise

Fourth Industrial Revolution

e-Eye System

New Superbug

Ban on Alloxan

Xpert MTB/RIF Text

  • Zika Virus

Lassa fever

India’s Rotavirus Vaccine


  • How does AlphaGo work?

Artifical Intelligence Rivals Human Abilities

Micro Air Vehicles

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