Public Administration Mains 2020 : Model Question and Answer - 119

(Public Administration Paper II / Chapter: State Government and Administration)

Current Question : Governor is Constitutional head of the state not just a rubber stamp. Comment it on the context of recent Kerala controversy. (10 Marks / 150 words)

Model Answer:

Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan hit out at the Kerala government for moving the Supreme Court against the implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Act without seeking his approval. The Governor has reiterated his stand in favour of the new citizenship law multiple times.

Kerala state Assembly passed a resolution demanding that the new citizenship law be scrapped, Kerala became the first state to move the Supreme Court , urging it to declare the law enacted by Parliament violative of the Constitution, its basic structure rule and secular principles.

The Kerala government has moved the apex court under Article 131 of the Constitution, the provision under which the Supreme Court has original jurisdiction to deal with any dispute between the Centre and a state; the Centre and a state on the one side and another state on the other side; and two or more states. (Total Words- 144)

(Linkages : Governor and Constitution, Governor and state Government, Constitutional head and Rubber stamp)

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