Public Administration Mains 2017 : Model Question and Answer - 54

Public Administration Mains 2017 : Model Question and Answer

(Public Administration Paper I / Chapter: Administrative Behaviour)

(Important) Question :  What are the differences between a Leader and a Manager ? (30 Marks/350 Words)   

Model Answer :    

A Manager is a person who is responsible for managing an organization and a leader is someone who control or influence people. Managers and leaders are different in their goals, approaches, target group and ideas. Generally a manager manages a section of skilled worker and resource to accomplish a common goal which is mostly profit oriented in an organization. A manager worked on a set of rules defined in an organization and responsible to his superior. A manager generally works for a business oriented organization. Manager inspires the employee to do the things rightly. Managers are authoritative and more focuses on work to be done.

A leader influence people by his ideology and vision. Leader works for an idea and uses his skills and knowledge to adapt the ideas into reality. A leader is responsible to their followers and peoples. Leader generally does the work which empowers the people and brings a dynamic change which is favourable for the society. Leader motivates the people to do the right things. A leader has the ability to persuade other to seek defined goal enthusiastically.

A popular saying “All leaders are good manager but not all managers are good leaders” because a leader works for the goals but manager works on the goals.

Zaleznik explains the following differences between managers and leaders:

• Managers tend to adopt impersonal and passive attitude towards goals while leaders adopt a more personal and active attitude towards their goals.
• Managers coordinate in order to compromise conflicting values .Leaders develop choices that give substance to people’s imagination.
• Managers visualize themselves as conservators and regulators. Leaders search out for opportunities for change
• Management is more about planning , organizing, directing and controlling the activities of subordinate staff. Leadership is concerned with motivating and involving people.

According to Henry S R Kao the concept of leadership is very broad and applies to formal organisations as well as informal groups. Despite the differences , there is a close relationship between leadership and management in work organisations. To be an effective manager it is necessary to exercise the role of leadership. (Total Words- 350)

(Linkages : Leader and Manager, Influence and Management, Motivation and POSDCORB)

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