Public Administration Mains 2017 : Model Question and Answer - 55

Public Administration Mains 2017 : Model Question and Answer

(Public Administration Paper I / Chapter: Organisations)

(Current Based) Question :  Discuss the nature and role of advisory bodies in governance with citing examples from Indian Administration. (35 Marks/400 Words)   

Model Answer :    

According to Pfiffner the ordinary concept of the advisory body is a group experts and representatives of the public called in to functions, usually on voluntary basis as a consultative group and to render advice and recommendations in regards to administrative problems and procedure. The term ‘advisory body’ is intended to describe anybody appointed with the purpose of advising the government at any level- national, regional and local or any branch of administration.

The fact in generally admitted that :1) The methods of government services are largely bureaucratic as their attention is mostly devoted to routine operations and 2) The various government departments or agencies work, as it were in water tight compartments. So it is very necessary that government services a) Maintain intimate contact with private interests affected by their activities, so that their actions as far as possible, may conform to the best interests of the public served and b) Work in harmony and cooperation with other services, whose operations also fall in the same general field.

Advisory bodies are the best means through which government agencies can maintain contacts with the public, since they may embrace a) Representatives of the private interest and organization and
b) Representatives of the government. Such advisory bodies are an aid the executive and the legislature in formulating and acting upon governmental legislation as well as budgetary proposals.

The uses of the advisory bodies are mainly :

1) Through them the administration may receive the benefit of the opinions and experience of citizens in such fields as industry, commerce, education, etc., thus they can become important instruments of eliciting people’s co-operation, with the result that department or agencies can adjust government policies and procedure to the requirements of the public needs and convenience. Thus harmony will be maintained between administration and the public
2) Advisory bodies may help in promotion of inter departmental co-operation and co-ordination.

The Advisory committees and councils in India may be placed in these groups:

1) Advisory bodies which aim at associating groups and classes of citizens with the execution of a particular policy of the government which affects them.
2) Committees and councils set up at higher levels to associate affected interests with the determination of sub-policies and governmental procedure involving dealings with public and
3) Advisory body for purpose of research and enquiry and for associating experts from outside the government to advice on specific problems and Advisory bodies to advice on matters of planning. (Total Words- 407

(Linkages: Advisory Body and Benefit of Opinion, Advisory Body and Any Branch of Administration, Advisory Body and Representative of Government & Private Interest)

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