Public Administration Mains 2017 : Model Question and Answer - 56

Public Administration Mains 2017 : Model Question and Answer

(Public Administration Paper I / Chapter: Administrative Thought)

(Important) Question :  Discuss the extent to which we can call human relations school as 'neo-classical' school. (30 Marks/350 Words)   

Model Answer : 

The human relations writer like the scientific management theorists, acknowledge the importance of ‘management’ in production, they differ from them in their basic approach to the organization which they characterize as a Social system consisting of individuals, informal groups and inter-group relationships in addition to the formal structure.

The human relations theory is called the ‘neo-classical theory' because it accept efficiency and productivity as the legitimate values of organization, although it relies on a different set of techniques to achieve these values. Both the classical and human relations theories are alike in their objectives but differ in the approaches adopted to accomplish those objectives. the human relationists seek to maximize the values of efficiency and productivity by eliminating dehumanization approach of the classical approach. The human relations theory differs from the classical theory and Neo-classical theory in the following respects-

Classical Theory :

1) focus on structure, order, the formal organization, economic factor and rationality
2) formal organization structure consisting of jobs and job descriptions as spelled out in the charts and manuals.
3) Takes the atomistic view of man and considers workers as various cogs in a machine.
4) For workers motivation consider economic rewards and physical conditions are regarded as important factors
5) Authoritarian style of supervision

Neo-Classical Theory:

1) Informal group as major explanation of the behaviour in the organization.
2) informal organization concern with social relationships of individual workers within the organization.
3) Consider workers essentially as social beings who react to management, organization and work itself as members of group rather than as individuals
4) Consider Social-psychological rewards and group sanctions are important motivators for work.
5) Democratic type of supervision.

It shows that both approach have taken two views of organizations. Neither of the approaches is wholly right , although each is partially right. In reality , an organization is both a formal structure and informal relations among employees. These two aspects of an organization are not contradictory but allied to each other. Thus in terms of achieving common end objective Human relations school as widens the scope of Classical Theory and can be considered as Neo –Classical. (Total Words- 354)

(Linkages: Human Relations Theory and Classical Theory, Human Relations Theory and Neo- Classical Theory, Formal and Informal Group)

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