Public Administration Mains 2018 : Model Question and Answer - 61

Public Administration Mains 2018 : Model Question and Answer

(Public Administration Paper II / Chapter: Law and Order Administration)

(Current Based) Question: Investigating Agencies lacking professional skills and are tools for partisan political objectives. Comment. (15 Marks/200 Words)   

Model Answer :

The Pradyuman Thakur murder case reveals the sheer callousness with which our investigating agencies deal. The utter lack of professional competence and insensitivity is clear from the alacrity with which they identified the accused, a school bus conductor. Investigating Agencies lack professional skills and are not adept at using technology. So it is easy to arrest, extract a confession, then proceed to create evidence and go to trial.

Judiciary, at times, turn a blind eye to such victimisation. The prosecution looks on unabashedly when each of its witnesses turns hostile. Those obliged to uphold the law have turned a blind eye to crimes committed before their eyes.

Justice, in all its manifestations, is essential if the culture of democracy is to flourish. Unbiased investigations are essential to delivering justice to the victims of crime. The poor and the defenceless, like the bus conductor in the Pradyuman case, are often the victims. This speaks volumes about the cavalier way in which crimes are investigated. Many innocent victims and their families have suffered at the hands of agencies. The need of the hour to free the investigating agencies from the clutches of political powers and to impart training to them so as to develop their abilities to handle the multifaceted situations. (Total Words- 210)

Valuable inputs from The Indian Express Column titled ‘Crime and Callousness’ by Kapil Sibal

(Linkages: Investigating Agencies and lack of professional competence, Investigating Agencies and Rule of Law, Investigating Agencies and Delivery of Justice)

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