Free Mock Test Paper for UPSC Mains General Studies (Test -1)

Free Mock Test Paper for UPSC Mains General Studies (Test -1)

Q1. Critically assess the performance and working of National Commission for Women. (200 Words)

Q2. Explain the significance and position of Bengal School of Art in the modern Indian art movement. (200 Words)

Q3. “ TheOrissan temple remains nearest to the original archetype and has justly been described as exhibiting the Nagara style in its great purity.” Examine this statement by giving suitable examples. (200 Words)


(a) What is Dickie Bird Plan in India's partition ? (100 Words)
(b) Critically evaluate the contribution of SirTejBahadurSapru in Indian Nationalism. (100 Words)

Q5. Why and how did the Congress came to accept the partition of India ? (200 Words)

Q6. Unity in diversity is a concept of "unity without uniformity and diversity without fragmentation. Explain (200 Words)

Q7. Discuss Mahatma Gandhi’s concept of ‘Basic Education’. How far was it a departure from conventional system of education?(200 Words)


(a) Whatare the importantfeaturesofthe British architecture inIndia? (100 words)
(b) Write a short note on tribal art of Odisha. (100 words)

Q9. “She is a goddess to millions yet helpless on the streets. The solution is in the mindset not laws”. Comment on the statement (200 Words)

Q10. Explain the growth of communism during India’s freedom struggle. Has it lost its relevance in the post liberalization era after the disintegration of Soviet Union? Comment.(200 Words)

Q11. Some people in one State in India propounded the son-of-the soil (bhumiputra) theory. They assaulted people of other states and vandalized their property. India is one country with one nationality - Indian. Comment. (200 Words)

Q12. Explain the factors accelerated the process of decolonization after the Second World War ? What role United Nation and United States played in this process. (200 Words)

Q13. Explain the effect of Russian Nihilism and Irish nationalism on the Indian national movement . (200 Words)


(a) Seafloor spreading helps explain continental drift in the theory of plate tectonics. (100 Words)
(b) Role of SHG in Women Empowerment. (100 Words)


(a) The Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ), is the area encircling the earth near the equator where the northeast and southeast trade winds come together. Comment (100 Words)
(b) Write a note on Mughal Architecture (100 Words)


(a) What are the ideology and goals of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS )? (100 Words)
(b) Enumerate salient features of rural economy in India. (100 Words)


(a) Why formation of Israel is a controversial issue in the region? (100 words)
(b) Write a note on 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict (100 words)

Q18. Mention the norms for identification of Drought-prone zone in India.Which parts of India have been identified as Drought-prone? (200 words)

Q19. “The Indian National Movement was basically the by-product of the clash of interests of colonial power and the interests of the Indian people.” Explain. (200 words)

Q20. Discuss the role of Azad Hind Fauj in India's Freedom Struggle. (200 words)


(a) Explain a note on working of Indian Tsunami Early Warning System. (100 words)
(b) “The fall of Berlin Wall facilitated the European integration.” Discuss. (100 words)

Q22. ‘The Vietnam War was the longest and most unpopular war in which Americans ever fought’. Discuss. (200 words)


(a) Do you think Mahatma Gandhi’s support to Khilafat Movement had diluted his secular credentials? Discuss. (100 words)
(b) What is ‘counter-urbanization’ in the Indian context? (100 Words)

Q24. “The capitalism which gave the European empires their apparent solidarity and permanence also hastened their downfall. (200 Words)

Q25. “The American War of Independence deprived Great Britain of one empire, but it strengthened the foundations of another”.Comment (200 Words)

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