Free Mock Test Paper for UPSC Public Administration Mains Exam (Test -2)

Free Mock Test Paper for UPSC Public Administration Mains Exam (Test -2)


Q.1. Answer the following questions in not more than 150 words each: 10x5=50

(a) The financial administration in modern times needs updating administrative cybernetics and Audit reforms.Comment.10
(b) Budget office needs accountants, statisticians and procedure analysis; it must provide a working climate in which these specialist skills are applied in a general context. Comment.10
(c) It (Audit) is the process of ascertaining whether the administer has spent or is spending its fund in accordance with the terms of legislature which appropriated money. Comment.10
(d) Speed in administration is not substitute for integrity. Comment. 10
(e) Financial administration is a vital institution for economic and social change in a poor country. Comment. 10


(a) Explain Performance Budgeting and discuss its need and utility in development administration.25
(b) Examine the inadequacies of machinery for planning to ensure democratic but depoliticized planning process in Indian federation. 25


(a) Unlike Finance Ministry, the Comptroller and Auditor General of India does not control public expenditure, only offers an objective-oriented mechanism which is conductive to popular control of public expenditure. Discuss. 20
(b) When MBO approach gets full acceptance, the Line and Staff conflict will diminish. Discuss. 15
(c) Critically evaluate Executive effectiveness increases with delegation. 15

Q.4. Outline in brief the organizational structure and working of the Ministry of Finance or Ministry of Home of the Union Government of India and discuss its functions , changing role, and relevance of its field organizations. What steps would you visualize to improve its performance of the function ? Suggest measures to streamline its relationships with other Ministries? 50


Q5. Answer the following questions in not more than 150 words each: 10x5=50

(a) Planning in a federal system, needs to depoliticize.Comment 10
(b) Government has numerous ideal objectives, and three of these are closely linked to accounting and finance: Efficiency, effectiveness and equality. Comment. 10
(c) The concept of Fiscal Federalism calls for the National Development Council to regulate Plan decisions about discretionary grants-in- aid, which should in fact be distributed by the Finance Commission. Comment 10
(d) Program budgeting is often considered interchangeable with performance budgeting, but there is a significant difference, at least in theory. Comment. 10
(e) “A PPP is an "off-balance sheet" method of financing the delivery of new or refurbished public sector assets.” Comment 10


(a) “Memorandum of Understanding’ scheme between the Government and Public enterprises has forced public undertakings to improve their overall performance.” Do you agee with this statement? 15
(b) “In the context of liberalisation the role of Public Sector and its welfarist approach is being drastically changed.” Elucidate. 15
(c) Budgeting and fiscal administration require the public administrator to resolve a variety of operational, managerial and strategic issues. Examine. 20


(a) “Indian public enterprises are neither adequately ‘public’ nor truly ‘enterprising’.” Comment.15
(b) Examine the government budget as an instrument of public policy and a local legislative control.20
(c) The State Finance Commission under Panchayat Raj Law is designed to ensure regional balance in the distribution of State and Central Funds. Comment.15


(a) Examine the nature of parliamentary control over the National Finances in India.30
(b) Headquarter and Field relationships determine the tenor of implementation of programmes. 20

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