Free Mock Test Paper for UPSC Public Administration Mains Exam (Test -3)

Free Mock Test Paper for UPSC Public Administration Mains Exam (Test -3)


Q.1. Answer the following questions in not more than 150 words each: 10x5=5

(a) Administrative law, with its creature administrative tribunals, is like martial law, the negation of law.Comment.10
(b) Comment : The Present culture of the Indian police system appears as continuation of what obtained under the British regime. 10
(c) There is a need for intimate relation between Generalists, Specialists and the Management Information System (MIS) - Comment.10
(d) Law and order are neither synonymous nor supplementary hence one perspective on police reforms in India can be a bifurcation of the existing Police administration into two independent entities. Judicial (or
law) Police and Executive (or Order) Police. Comment.10
(e) Comment : The institution of Lokpal in India is likely to confront a different set of problems as compared to the set of problems experienced by the Lokayuktas in the past. 10


(a) The line of demarcation between the spheres of Jurisdiction of the political executive and the Civil Servants get blurred more vividly as we descend from the Union to the State and further to the local level. 25
(b) A sound case exists for an institutional linkage between UPSC and SPSCs for evolving a National Policy, a uniform approach and common work procedures. Discuss. 25


(a) What fundamental changes would you suggest in these realms to make the Central and the State police forces more effective in their role-performance? 30
(b) Should media exposure be included in rules for administrative accountability in India? State your views.10
(c) A Lokpal has counterpart in all the states of India called Lokayuktas. Comment. 10


(a) Administrative Tribunals are authorities outside the ordinary court system which interpret and apply the laws when acts of Public Administration are attacked in formal suits or by other established methods. Discuss. 25
(b) The Ombudsman, The Parliamentary Commissioner, The Peoples Procurator General, the Conseil detat and the Lokpal represent some of the major experiments in designing Machinery Grievances. 25


Q5. Answer the following questions in not more than 150 words each: 10x5=50

(a) Comment : Even though law and order administration is a State subject in the Indian Conmstitution it is paradoxical that the para-military and other kinds of security forces under the Union Government have surgeoned in recent years. 10
(b) The field of administrative law, after a century of litigation and adjudication, remains alive with simmering issues. Comment 10
(c) Why a depoliticised police force is a distant dream ? Comment 10
(d) Comment : The work of crime prevention has gone down in the priority list of police activities in recent years. 10
(e) The basic issue of administrative accountability relates to that part of Public Administration which has something concrete to contribute towards not only policy execution but also policy formulation and policy adjudication. Comment. 10


(a) How has the interest of judiciary in administrative decisions grown over the years? Has it extended the frontiers of administrative law? 25
(b) Only a systematic-ecological approach to the study of corruption in India can help us understand its causes and dimensions. Comment. 10
(c) “Community policing has become a victim of elite capture.” Discuss the concept of community policing and bring out the implications of the above statement. 15


(a) Maintenance of law and order is a de facto concurrent subject. Discuss, in this connection, the roles of the centre and the states in the law-and- order field. 15
(b) Critically review the evolving relationship between the district magistrate and the superintendent of police in the field of law and order management in a district. 20
(c) Between social background and administrative culture, it is the latter that has a dominating influence on integrity in administration in the Indian situation. Review the statement in the light of research findings in this area. 15

Q.8. Write a critical essay on The Dilemmas of Police Administration in a Plural Society. 50

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