Free Mock Test Paper for UPSC Public Administration Mains Exam (Test -5)

Free Mock Test Paper for UPSC Public Administration Mains Exam (Test -5)


Q.1. Answer the following questions in not more than 150 words each: 10x5=50

(a) The Indian Constitution provides a mere environmental setting for our politics and administration but the state of conflict arises from the mass base and the elitist orientations of the two respectively. 10
(b) Comment : As the Fundamental Law of Administration of the land, the Indian Constitution lacks teeth in its institutional package to realize the landable ideals enshrined in the Constitution. 10
(c) Comment: The fine art of deception which the British Practised in the name of Dyarchy was too crude for it to pass the test of self-government. It hastened Provinical Autonomy but this too did not promote Parliamentary democracy of federalism. 10
(d) Comment : “The word ‘secular’ in the Preamble to our Constitution requires to be defined.” 10
(e) Comment : “Indian federalism is described as federal in form but unitary in spirit.” 10


(a) The Cabinet Committees in the Union Government are a proven asset to it as staff agencies.Elucidate. 25
(b) Reservation Policy in Public Services as a mandate from the Constitution has been conducive to the promotion of Social Justice. Discuss and illustrate. 25


(a) The State Governments now have little alternative but to accept autonomy, innovation and political directions by representative bodies in Urban Local Government. 30
(b) “The Prime Minister’s Office is a staff agency. Its line functions are inconsistent with the Secretariat Systems of administration.” Comment. 10
(c) Comment : Corruption and development are apparently not antagortic. But, speed in administration is not substitute for integrity. 10


(a) ‘Not the Potomac, but the Thames, fertilizes the flow of Yamuna’. In the light of the statement, comment on the symbolic institution of the President of India. 25
(b) “Looking back to our past experience, the fear that the emergency provisions can be misused have at times proved right and wrong at other times.” Discuss with examples.25


Q5. Answer the following questions in not more than 150 words each: 10x5=50

(a) Comment : “District Administration is like a small tortoise carrying the load of an elephant.” 10
(b) Comment : “Absence of District Planning Committees in a large number of districts has prevented convergence of planning at the district level.”10
(c) Comment : The Cabinet is not a constitutional body. 10
(d) “Sound municipal governance requires a cadre of specialized municipal services executives equal in status to State Services.” Comment. 10
(e) Comment : In urban governance, uni-functional agencies and development authorities create a “functional jungle.” 10


(a) Examine some of the Challenges to Development Administration in the Panchayati democracy of rural India. Do you think that the Constitutionalisation of three-tier Federalism will be a viable model for future ? 25
(b) Critically examine the role of the Finance Ministry as the custodian of all public revenues. 25


(a) Comment : “The size of the leviathan goes on expanding, despite the country’s recent commitment to downsizing or rightsizing.” 15
(b) NGOs demand greater autonomy from the State and are now ‘new actors’ in development. How effective are they as instruments of decentralization and debureaucratisation? Critically evaluate. 20
(c) Examine the institutional vulnerability of municipal governance in the midst of an emerging spectre of multiple partnerships. 15

Q.8. Examine the provisions of the 73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendments from the point of view of the autonomy of the local bodies. 50

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