(Exam Paper) UPSC IAS Mains 2008: Sociology

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(Exam Paper) UPSC IAS Mains 2008: Sociology



1. Write Short Notes on any Three of the following ( Each one should not exceed 200 words ) : -
(a) Role of value in sociology enquiry
(b) Social mobility in open and closed system
(c) Social movement as an expression of protest
(d) Education as an agent of social change

2. How is emergence of sociology linked with modernization of Europe?

3. What is the importance of sampling in sociological studies? Distinguish between simple random sampling and stratified random sampling.

4. Using Max Weber’s theory, discuss what ethical and religious ideas produced capitalism in certain societies and how?


5. Write short notes on any three of the following in about 200 words each:
(20 x 3 = 60)
(a) Relevant of pattern variable in the society change
(b) Mead’s notion of self
(c) Importance and source of hypotheses in social research
(d) New trends in the type and forms of family in the cotemporary India

6. What is Merton’s view of relationship between social structure and deviance? In what sense is a deviant also a conformist?

7. In what important ways can religion be a force both for social stability and social change? Discuss.

8. How does hierarchy get built into the system of natural and social inequalities?



1. Write Short Notes on any Three of the following ( Each one should not exceed 200 words ) : -
(a) Village studies in Indian Sociology
(b) Concept of Hierarchy in Louis Dumont’s writing
(c) Informal sector in the urban economy in India
(d) S N D P Movement

2. How has the Marxist perspective been applied to explain social backward of Indian Nationalism.

3. What is Patriarchy? How have the women’s movements confronted the norm of Patriarchy?

4. How do you differentiate between social change and modernization? Explain with examples from Indian Society?


5. Write Short Notes on any Three of the following (Each one should not exceed 200 words): -
(a) Disparities in education
(b) Pressure Groups
(c) Religious revivalism
(d) Reproductive Health

6. What is the impact of Globalization on the structure and mobilization of the working class in India

7. What factors accounts for resurgence of ethnic identity movement in India? What according to you is the proper strategy of integration of ethnic groups in mainstream?

8. How do you define development? What are your suggestions to resolve the issues of displacement and environment related to development?

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in sociology,while answering if we hav d concept in mind can we write the answers in our own language dat is using simple language and words???if we do so can it b a drawback 4 us in securing gud marks??????/

No drawbacks of using your originality. But make sure you have practiced writing the concept as you have understood it, several times in the course of your preparation. This would help in thought flow. If you do not practice writing, you'd find yourself unable to explain the concepts you've so well understood.