(IAS PLANNER) UPSC : Examination Tacties

Union Public Services Commission


A tactic is a specific action taken to address a specific situation. It is part of a specific plan or strategy. It is subjective in nature one tactics will work for one and at the same time it won’t work for the other. Tactics take different shapes and forms in different situation. It is when you think about a plan to do something and make a strategy for a big one. The very nature of Civil services exam the tactics must be applied at every level of preparation and it should be focus on greater and intensive coverage. Civil Services examination syllabus has a vast area of syllabus one is expected to know various disciplines at the same time like history, polity, geography, economy, science apart from other curriculum. However, one need not to be master on each disciplines only basics of each of the disciplines is needed. Hence, here the full examination tactics will help you out.

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