Union Public Services Commission

Hard Work:

It is proved fact that there is no shortcut in life and it is hard work that works for us. Sometimes at the initial stage it won’t work but at the end of day it will led you to the success. We should always keep in mind that hard work never goes unrewarded. Hard work has no any substitute. It’s you who could finish the whole work by yourself, nobody is coming with you. Entire course of action have to complete by you. Civil service competition is the best example of hard work. If you work hard you will get through if not you won’t make it the first huddle i.e. Prelims exam. The examination that you are preparing for is like a marathon race. You have to pass in this exam of marathon, definitely you have to start you journey from square one at several time. The candidates who are taking civil services exam are well educated and have talent to lead the country but over the years it has been revealed that only 50 percent of the total candidate are the serious ones. Here we should keep in mind that those aspirants who has the confidence that he can compete in this examination and succeed, only they are going to finally crack it.

If we see the statistics among the 50 per cent of the serious candidates, merely 20 per cent are hard workers, and the real fight is between them. The number of vacancies are not stable it is changing year by year but nowadays vacancies are around 900 posts in all. So, to come in the 900, one has to put the real hard work, unique way of writing skills, above all better than the other aspirants. Hard work can be termed as one of the pre-requisite for every sphere in life and in the Civil services exam it is indispensable.

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