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Before taking any exam aspirants should understand the very nature of exam, it will give them a clear understanding about the exam process, it exam structure and the other aspects of the exam, in all at the first stance we should understand the exam and set our target and strategy accordingly. It is common trend that UPSC issues notification in the first week of December, (for the next exam year) in The Employment News but we have seen last year and this year also that it has published the notification in FEB. For the clear understanding and the whole exam one should studied complete notification carefully. The notification can also be downloaded from UPSC official website www.upsc.gov.in

Every aspirants has its dream to become an IAS officer, it is one of the coveted service in the country, yes there are private sector which are offering high perks and benefits but still Civil Service has its own charm. Over the number of aspirants are very high and accordingly the vacancies are very low, in any year of notification the vacancies is only about 800-1000. So here to understand the nature of the exam is significant. Aspirants before get into the preparation should be very sure about the pre-requisites and the very requirements of the examination. As the nature of the exam suggests that whole full time preparation is required. The exam has its competitiveness that comes with hard work. Aspirants needs to start there preparation at least one year before for the first attempt, as the whole exam process takes one year thus two year of completely rigorous and devoted preparation are very much required for the exam.

Every competitive exam has its own nature, understanding the nature of the exam is half way towards the success. Our preparation should be focused on what exactly examination expects from the aspirants rather what aspirants expects from the exam. The nature of exam suggests that your preparation should be relative instead of absolute. Aspirants are required to be better than the other aspirants. So before preparation I would suggest the aspirants to have clear idea and understanding of the exam and contemplate thoroughly. First of look yourself at evaluate that are you fit for the job or not, if yes then go ahead. Read as much as you can for the understanding of the exam, there are several articles, blogs are available. Make a realistic assessment of the effort that is required for the exam and put yourself accordingly. Rational self assessment always helps. Remember do not set you target which is based on your past laurels and achievements as this exam is not testing intelligence as defined in the conventional sense. The exam is looking for broad-based individuals with opinions. It is important to know the exam, what is the nature of exam. For instance it is an All India Exam; it has three tier, prelims, mains and Interview. What is the exam process is also required to know before opting to get into the preparation.

Thus think twice before taking the plunge. But make sure that if once you have made the choice to become an IAS, there should be no looking back. During the whole process you might face failure, sometimes you will doubt your ability, may have to start from square one after reaching up to the last stage. Here is the real test of your mental strengths rather than your intellectual abilities. In one way or another the whole process of exam is a life changing one, whether you come out successful or unsuccessful. It matters a lot for the life of yours and your loved ones. You have to sail through each and every aspects of all these events.

At the same time it becomes essential to make a realistic assessment of your potential otherwise the optimum years of your career are lost in chasing a subtle target. It is advisable to prepare yourself for the civil service in the graduation years by identifying the weak and strong points and familiarizing yourself with the syllabus and pattern of examination. It is seen that those who have taken the exam as soon as they become eligible are better than then the others so it is best to take the exam as soon as you are eligible. However here keep your other options open for your career as a safety net.

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