(IAS PLANNER) Nature of Works

Nature of Works

The nature of works attached to a Civil servant officer is administrative in nature. It involves interaction with people at each and every levels of the society. The work and decision taken by an IAS ,IPS,IRS etc has been affected to many lives, thus responsible decision-making is another important aspect of this work. Civil servant are also required to travel extensively as their nature of job demands all these, both during inspection tours of the areas under their jurisdiction in the country, or as in the IFS, the world. In general rule, the initial years of an officer’s career are spent in the districts and small towns. Over year they have promoted to the senior grades, where the area of responsibility is wider, posting are usually to bigger cities, state capitals or at the center. Other important tasks of Civil Servants are Policy Formulation and implementation, supervision and its assessment, Planning etc.In simple way we can say that civil servants are the real policy implementing authority.

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